Meet our MMA coaches

February 13, 2012

Meet Xavier “X-Man” Lucas, our Mixed Martial Arts coach and fighter who coupled with Irish MMA coach and practitioner Barry Hickey, bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to our Mixed Martial Arts training programs. Lucas was Ranked Number 1 in the World Shooto Middleweight division and held the Pacific Rim Shooto Middleweight Title (un-defeated), the X-Treme MMA World Middleweight Title in 2010 and boasts a massive record of over 200 amateur Boxing bouts. Meeting Xavier Lucas in person it is hard to believe just how dangerous he really is when it comes to competing, politely spoken the gentleman’s training background is not limited to Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai and Boxing just to name a few. Lucas is also working hard in hope of making his way to the Ultimate Fighting Championship® AKA the UFC® an internationally renowned Mixed Martial Arts tournament originally formed in the United States. See video of Xavier “X-Man” Lucas in action below.

Xavier Lucas Mixed Martial Arts coach @ Champions Gym Perth Western Australia

Barry Hickey Mixed Martial Arts coach @ Champions Gym Perth Western Australia

Barry Hickey, a former amateur Irish boxing champion began his Mixed Martial Arts training in his hometown of Carrickmacross, Ferocity MMA in Ireland. Hickey has been trained by Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu coaches Gary Fegan (Brown Belt) and the one of three Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belts in Ireland; Sebastian Torres (Cia Paulista, Brazil). Today Hickey also practises Muay Thai where he has been trained by acclaimed Muay Thai school Sasiprapa in Bangkok, Thailand as well as Phon’s Gym, Northbridge. Hickey has competed in multiple no-gi submission grappling tournaments winning a majority by way of submission.

Combined, Lucas’ and Hickey’s styles of teaching bring a fresh taste to learning and training Mixed Martial Arts. Not only is it fun, safe and enjoyable but a great way to get fit, healthy and learn a combat art form that is one of the fastest developing and most popular sports today seen in tournaments such as the UFC®, Strikeforce®, Bellator® and Dream®. The team at Champions Gym are dedicated to ensuring you get the most from your training whether it be health, fitness, self defence, technique, weight loss, competition or just for the fun of it… There is so much to achieve in such little time!

Mixed Martial Arts training classes run Monday, *Tuesday (Bookings essential – SMS 0404 337 659) & Wednesday 7.45pm-9.00pm. Check out our timetable for more classes  available to you!

Xavier “X-Man” Lucas is also available for Mixed Martial Arts Personal Training. Please contact us for more info.