Meet Mitchell our Student of the Month

March 21, 2012

Meet Champions Gym’s Student of the Month for February – Mitchell. Training in all classes including Boxing, Muay Thai & Mixed Martial Arts Mitchell has not only demonstrated dedication, persistence, effort and working toward his goals;

but has gained a number of health and fitness benefits along the way. See more about Mitchell below.

Meet Mitchell our Student of the Month Champions Gym Perth Western Australia

Name: Mitchell DeBarro
Age: 18
Occupation: Apprentice Carpenter for C.I. Carpentry Solutions.

Have you ever done martial arts before?
No, I played State level cricket and soccer throughout high school.

What made you start?
I started because I wanted to get fit, try a new sport and one day hoping to fight.

What makes you want to fight?
I like watching UFC and other MMA on TV, it’s not only brutal but you have to be at your mind and body’s fittest to compete, that is what is the most attractive and challenging to me.

Who is your favourite MMA fighter?
Probably Chuck Liddell, he was aggressive and vicious when he fought.

How many days a week do you train and how long have you been a part of the team?
I began my training 8 weeks ago, training for 3-4 days a week, mainly 4 days in Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA.

What do you feel you’ve gained in those 8 weeks?
Probably self confidence is my biggest one, a massive one in fact, knowing the self defence and fitness benefits I now have. Physically I feel a lot fitter, leaner, faster and a lot of things get a lot easier such as at work, here at the gym meaning I have to push myself harder whilst training.
What are your goals for the future?
I want to fight in MMA, but probably not in the super heavyweight weight division (laughs) may be the middle weight class…

What can you say to others who want to train but but not so sure?
Get on board, you don’t have to get into the fighting side of things just do it to get fit, it can really help your self confidence. You can go out on the streets at night knowing that you’ve got that bit of self defence to back yourself up if someone was to pick on you. It’s good here, good people, you can meet new people, meet new friends.

Closing comment on training and overall feeling so far?:
It’s a good, safe, fun, environment, you get looked after and it will get you fit!… Oh, and The MMA program is awesome with some great coaches!