Important message: Avoid getting fat in the cold!

May 22, 2012

Even though the temperatures have been dropping in Perth these last few weeks, it does not mean it’s ok for you to become lazy, over weight and unfit! In the fitness industry it is a common known fact that when winter comes around less people go to training, they pretty much stop until the weather warms up again simply because they don’t have to fit into that bikini for the beach. The problem is, the longer these people don’t train, the worse (and fatter/unfitter) they feel and the harder it is to lose all that weight and regain fitness when summer comes back around – Are you one of those people?

Over eating, those few drinks after work, evenings on the couch, snacking late at night all equal one thing = Bulge! You can avoid the unsightly bulge by making a pledge to yourself – Make it to training at least two-three nights a week. Not only will your body thank you for it but your peers and colleagues will soon become envious asking how you manage to stay so “in-shape” over the winter months.

It’s time you stop thinking that being inactive during winter is OK, because it’s not. Take the liberty of looking after yourself during the colder months and not punishing yourself when summer is just around the corner and you want to fit back into that bikini or those board shorts.

Training is self preservation! Make the start today – To see what we have to offer you call 0404 337 659.