X-Man accepted into tryouts for UFC’S T.U.F. "The Smashes"

June 5, 2012

MMA coach Xavier “X-Man” Lucas is one step closer to the UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter: “Australia vs UK” reality television series after being officially accepted for try-outs taking place in Sydney, June 12. According to MMA Downunder Lucas was one of only 30 applicants officially accepted for try-outs to the popular TV series.

The former undefeated Shooto World Champion & X-Treme MMA World Middleweight Champion says it’s something he has been waiting for for a very long time. “I feel this is my chance to show the world just what I have to offer to the sport of MMA and how far I am willing to push myself to make it into the UFC”. The Ultimate Fighter series (AKA T.U.F.) is known for selecting controversial characters and know what material boosts television ratings. This particular series sees Australia’s best pitted against the United Kingdom’s best in what should be one of the most exciting shows to date.

Lucas travels to Sydney on Friday in the hope of impressing selectors and making his dream into a reality.


tuf sma pic