Evarard ‘Rock Star’ Augustine beats Mark Coleman

October 2, 2012

Sunday September 30, 2012 saw the face off between Perth rivals Evarard ‘Rock Star’ Augustine and Mark Coleman on the main card of Ignition Muay Thai ‘Ignite the Champion Within’. Coleman originally from New Zealand, held an ISKA title while Augustine the WPMF State title. The bout saw the two meet at 72.50 kilograms in a full Muay Thai rules war fought over 5 x 2 minute rounds in what would be a highly anticipated bout between a skilled technician and renowned hard hitter.

The opening round saw a dominant and aggressive Coleman attacking the legs of Augustine relentlessly whilst Augustine struggled to find his mark seeming rather unsettled by the onslaught. It was in the break after round one that the coaching team would command a change in the game plan. Round 2 saw Augustine change his style and fight fire with fire – Counter kicking as well as throwing punches and expanding his arsenal of weapons. The rounds to come were explosive and saw the sweat fly as Augustine employed technical skill, movement and timing which hit the target while Coleman came steaming forward with hard kicks and timed movement of his own. In the fifth and final round it was Coleman who would come out guns ablaze in the hope of a knock down but narrowly missing the mark with high and low kicks, Augustine would further move and counter nicely rocking Coleman with some accurate punches to the head and body. In the dieing seconds it was kick for kick as the two fought hard right to the final bell.

At the announcement of the judges’ decision it was Evarard ‘Rock Star’ Augustine who was awarded the win by unanimous points decision.

Congratulations to Champions Gym Fight Team together with all the team members and supporters of Champions Gym. The win came with much hard work, dedication, sacrifice and support and would not have been possible without you.

Evarard 'Rock Star' Augustine beats Mark Coleman Muay Thai PErth Ignition Muay Thai
A victorious Evarard Augustine & Champions Gym Fight Team after a war against Mark Coleman

Photography by Brock Doe Design Works.

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