New class! – Boxing 4 Fitness

March 1, 2013

Champions Gym is proud to announce it’s newest class Boxing 4 Fitness that will run Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6.15am. Boxing 4 Fitness is an exciting way to start your day designed to boost your metabolism, fire up your heart rate and get you buzzing for your busy day! Boxing 4 Fitness combines Strength & Conditioning with Boxing skills and drills that will not only develop sharper reflexes and help you lose those extra kilos; but will also improve cardiovascular fitness and stamina all the while being challenged and making you feel great!

Boxing 4 Fitness is designed for all levels – Both men and women!

Boxing 4 Fitness will be included in the 7 Day Pass; Members are welcome to join the new class and non-members are encouraged to give it a go!

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