Bikini body with Fit Body Bootcamp™

September 6, 2013

The Fit Body Bootcamp™ is Perth’s premiere women’s only Bootcamp specialising in developing superior fitness, health, tone and overall confidence.
Expect a physically challenging exercise program that will improve aerobic conditioning, muscular endurance, fitness, strength, libido, mobility and balance.

Do you have to be fit to Bootcamp? Definitely NOT! Our bootcamps are designed for all fitness levels and for the average everday woman with no prior experience required with all classes conducted indoors away from the outdoor elements. Your instructor will not be shouting instructions at you like a drill sergeant!

Your instructor will encourage you to give it your all, pushing you outside of your comfort zone. Expect lots of unexpected challenges meaning you’ll never get bored and lose motivation – Getting you closer to your fitness goals.

Whether it’s getting ready for that bikini body or awakening the body from the winter or just keeping in shape our goal is to ensure you start to see results fast!