Anita: Toned up, gained strength, energy and confidence!

January 21, 2015

“In November 2013, a former colleague suggested I join her at the Champions Gym ‘Ladies Fit Body Boot Camp’ as part of a promotional offer. The offer came at a time where my weight had plateaued and I was feeling sluggish. Bored with my local gym’s stock standard cardio/weights machines and Les Mills classes, I decided to step up to the challenge (with the hope of losing a bit of weight/toning up for Summer).

In the first 3 weeks at Champions, I lost around 3kgs, toned up, gained strength, energy and confidence. I also tried a few of the boxing classes, which I also thoroughly enjoyed.  By January 2015 I was hooked and signed up as a fully-fledged member, attending 4-5 mornings per week.

Champions has an edge over other gyms in that Whitney and Pamorn are two of the most driven, personable and positive people I have met! Their energy is contagious – manifesting like-minded members and instructors who are like one big supportive family. Whitney is really vigilant with every individual – paying attention to their needs and pushing them along with strategic guidance and motivation to reach their goals (through the workouts and via excellent nutritional advice).

When I first started the Fit Body Boot Camp classes, Whitney and the other girls made me feel comfortable straight away, listened to my needs and encouraged me – every step of the way. This personal approach and energy has not waned since.Over a year on and I am still attending 3-5 sessions per week and have begun to mix my workouts up with a few afternoon classes (including Muay Thai which I am also loving)!

Since joining Champions Gym I have lost around 6 kilograms and feel strong and confident in body, mind and spirit.  In 2014 I ran the 4km City to Surf and have since increased my running to 10+kms thanks to the fitness I have gained training at Champions.  I am looking forward to continuing to get fitter and stronger, and take on new challenges in 2015.”

Public Relations at St Vincent De Paul Society

Anita; then (L) and now (R) has toned up, gained strength, energy and confidence through Fit Body Boot Camp, Boxing, Strength & Conditioning & Muay Thai