White collar warriors shine at Origins 7

August 28, 2015

Saturday August 8, 2015 saw the prestigious Origins 7: Yodsanklai vs Machine Gun Muay Thai fight event hosted by Pamorn Martdee and his team at Origins FIght Promotions. The event saw ten bouts of Western Australia’s best Muay Thai fighters with the main event between Thailand’s greatest middleweight of all time Yodsanklai Fairtex versus homegrown Perth Kung Fu stylist Marco “Machine Gun” Tentori. The event was also the host of two highly anticipated Boxing bouts the new concept to Origins FIght Promotions that saw boss versus boss in the “Zero to Hero: White Collar Warriors” Challenge. The challenge saw four competitors training at Champions Gym for 8 weeks leading up to the event not knowing who was going to fight who whilst having to raise funds and awareness for a nominated charity. During the eight weeks the four competitors exhibited some amazing transformations slimming down, improving health, fitness but most admirable of all – an iron edge display of human competitiveness, grit and determination ensuring that each were ready for the task at hand come August 8. On August 8 it came fight night, a red carpet arrival saw some of Perth’s elite arriving in style and ready for an action packed night of entertainment.

The first bout saw David “The Hunter” Pugh from Gas Generators Australia versus Jason “Butterbean” Harris from RHG Contractors; a catchweight that saw two hard headed men stepping into the ring with the pride of friends, family and colleagues on the line.

The bout was fast and furious from the opening bell, it seemed that neither knew that they were going to have to last three arduous rounds throwing down leather in centre ring which set royal ringside and the crowd in the stands into a roaring frenzy. In the final round both men were so tired the referee had to rally the two to punch on til the final bell. At the decision it was Jason “Butterbean” Harris awarded the win by unanimous points decision. 

David “The Hunter” Pugh managed to raise a total of $1,200 for the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation & Jason “Butterbean” Harris managed to raise $4,000 for Beyondblue.

The second of the Zero to Hero bouts saw Adam “Adonis” Blackwood from Choices Flooring Joondalup taking on Billy “The Kid” Gore, a last minute replacement for Scotty Dryland from Subzero Recovery who broke his hand during training. The middleweight match saw the stakes high as pride was on the line. The bout started meticulously as Blackwood and Gore tested each other’s chins with some well timed punches. As the fight wore on Blackwood showed good foot work and movement while Gore kept his guard high and threw caution to the wind with some good looping punches. At the final bell it was Billy “The Kid” Gore awarded the win by majority points decision.

Adam ‘Adonis’ Blackwood versus Billy ‘The Kid’ Gore managed to raise a total of $3,150 for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. More photos viewable at https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1142630175766416.1073741848.581021631927276&type=3