What it takes to become Champion

January 8, 2016

This is the story of a young man who went from an ordinary every day kid to undefeated in 10 of his first competitions picking up two championship titles along the way in only three short years.

A shy, quiet young hipster kid who rode a fixed gear bicycle to training exuded an extra ordinary attitude to training; practising long before and after training classes as well as possessing an uncanny athleticism and left handed awkwardness that would soon lead him to his successes.

Working under the guidance of Pamorn Martdee and the coaches at Champions Gym James “Flippo” Rowland made his debut in the amateur boxing round robin tournament where he won four straight bouts in four weeks and as a result taking out the welterweight 2013 WA Novice State Boxing Title.

In 2014, Rowland decided it was time he tried his hand at Muay Thai. An ‘unsure of the transition’ coaching team allowed it – Where he would go on to defeat every one who he went up against. In February 2015 and for his tenth bout he won the WMC Welterweight State Championship despite fighting through most of the bout with a broken arm and as a result beating Tim Levins in the main event headliner of Ignition Muay Thai.

James “Flippo” Rowland is one of Champions Gym’s most prominent examples of what it takes to be a champion. In only a short space of time he was able to achieve what most people would only dream of…

Have you ever wondered what you could achieve if you really wanted it and had the team to support you?