"From Popping Tops to on Top of the World"

March 9, 2016

“From Popping Tops to on Top of the World” Success Story: Colin Dunne, 28.
Colin walked into Champions Gym just over a year ago. At the time he was unfit, a little overweight and loved a few too many brews in his time off. When Coach Pamorn first asked him what his goals were “To get fit, then in the ring and fight”; a common goal that our coaches hear many times too often amongst keen starters yet to know what work it involves…

Over the space of nine months – Colin, the quiet achiever, trained almost every morning (evenings when he could). Colin worked his way up the ranks in the Muay Thai team; Completing his Levels 1, 2 then achieving his Level 3 which qualified him to compete representing Champions Gym at a competitive event.

Colin made his Muay Thai debut just over 12 months since starting –  at the amateur tournament ODS3 in Perth – Where he fought David Yoshizawa from Riddlers Gym. Despite a tough early few rounds; Colin soldiered on stealing the win by judge’s split points decision in what was truly a show of remarkable grit and determination. When asked how it felt to win his first bout after all the hard work, training, dieting and sacrificing what was comfortable he said “Indescribable, I feel on top of the world!”

Colin lost almost 10 kilograms since starting, discovering a new physique, a new level of health, fitness and a new found confidence in every day life. Well done Colin, you are an inspiration!

try-itPhotograph of Colin Dunne