Making the right choice in club to join

March 8, 2016

When it comes to choosing a club it’s important to make the right choice. Whether it’s to lose weight, improve fitness, to learn a new skill or just to be a part of a team it’s important you look at how that club aims at helping you achieve these things. When looking for a club to join – Ask yourself does it tick all the boxes?

At Champions Gym we aim at making the experience of taking up martial arts as smoothe and as enjoyable as possible as we believe that they should be enjoyed by everyone! Male, female, young, not-so-young, fit or unfit – There really are no barriers to taking up training and finding out how it could change you in the long run. Usually the biggest thing stopping people from starting is the individual themself. We believe in emphasizing:

1) Friendliness
Martial arts sometimes already have too much of a stigma attached. Being welcoming, outgoing and pleasant is a huge thing for us.

2) Positivity
It’s all about doing things with a smile and with a no-negativity approach that allows our clients to flourish and grow over time.

3) Safety
It’s paramount! Just because it’s martial arts doesn’t mean you have to get hit! We implement rules and procedures to prevent any harm.

4) Cleanliness
We clean our facilities every single day to ensure they are crisp, clean and keep you safe from any nasties!

5) Goal Setting
Little, ‘realistic’ goals achieved along the way allow big goals to be achieved over time.

6) Seriousness
At our club we believe that it is crucial to be serious about what our clients set out to achieve. Training content, time frames and trainers take everyones’ goals very seriously.

7) No Ego Policy
Let’s face it; “ego” spoils everything in life. It affects so many things; including our judgement, your judge of character, the people around you. At Champions Gym one of the biggest things you will find is that no one has an ego as it isn’t allowed to be fostered from the minute someone walks through the door.

These are just a few of things we pride ourselves on.
We believe that everyone should get to have a taste of what martial arts can offer at least once!
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