Tranformation: Jonathan Marc Vittiglia

June 7, 2016

“After coming back from an long trip in the US, I was finding it very hard to motivate myself to start getting fit & back into shape again.I was sitting at 105kgs & wanted to get back to pre-American me.

From mid January to end of April, I have dropped my weight down to 90kgs. By attending different classes & smarter eating, I was able to consistently lose weight & get stronger.

The atmosphere at Champions is really what makes it special. From the amazing coaches, down to the people you’re training side by side with, it all feels like one big family & it’s what keeps me coming back every day.Whether you want to learn Muay Thai, boxing or just get fit, Champions Gym is the place to start”.

-Jonathan Marc Vittiglia 

See Jonathan Marc Vittiglia working the mitts with Coach Chris “Killer” Watt below!