The 30 Day Challenge – What they said!

August 16, 2016

The 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge is one of the best ways to really set your goals and set out to smash them! Have a read of what a few had to say about last year’s 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge…


Ian Radisich

When those steel, ice cold, fat measuring callipers first grabbed a big roll of my gut flab, the fitness consultant wielding them looked at me, I looked back at her and we shared a look which said “that ain’t pretty”. That started the transformational month of my life that was the Champions Gym 30 Day challenge. I was given a challenging but realistic workout and eating plan, a bag full of goodies to get me started (I’m still hooked on Jess’s Health Nut Spreads) and a group of likeminded, supportive gym team members to share the journey with.

Yes, I fell off the wagon a couple of times and smashed pizza, beer and magnum ice creams, but over the course of the month I lost around 4 kilos, 3.5% body fat, got the closest I’ve ever been to a six pack and had a lot of fun doing it. The motivation from the other participants and the posting of the results on Facebook for all to see was just what I needed to bring out my competitive side and come out looking a guy in decent shape. 10/10 will be doing again this year.


Janine Carter

I did the biggest looser challenge October ’15. It was for 4 weeks. My goal was to lose fat and tone up. I was given a simple diet plan from Whitney to suit my height/ weight and fitness level, which was very easy to follow. There was a great variety of foods & I never felt hungry.. I also did 4/5 classes per week including bootcamp, boxing and Muay Thai. All the members in champion gym are encouraging and make u feel welcome. Overall I lost 3.5kg and most of all I toned up, increased my fitness level and had heaps of energy!! Looking forward to the next challenge!


Katie Louise

Last year’s Biggest Loser Challenge was a great way to kick start my health and fitness at the end of a long, cold winter. I found I was more focused with the support of the Champions Gym team, and their knowledge and guidance was the defining factor in my success and body fat loss!


Mark Chin

The 30-Day Weight Loss challenge was exactly what I needed to get me out of my slump. I started to neglect my food, eating out too much to suit my busy lifestyle and found myself eating YOLO all weekend. I lost 4kg, started to think more about my nutrition and started training like an absolute beast. I had more energy during my training and motivated me to train more consistently.

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