Whitney Tuna wins WMC Jr Bantamweight Title

August 22, 2016

Nak Muay Fight Series August 20 saw Perth’s finest talent step in against Thailand’s best as Jordan Godfredtsen took on Apisit while Lloyd Dean challenged Apirat from Thailand in the main events. Bailey Fitness’ Adam Bailey hosted the event at the Pavilion Claremont Showgrounds.

One of the highly anticipated bouts was between Champions Gym’s Whitney Tuna (4-1-0) taking on Kao Sok’s Niki King (4-2-0) for the WMC Light Bantamweight State Championship. Tuna has struggled to find opponents in her division since starting her career in 2013. Niki King had a successful year in 2016 amassing 6 bouts and in one bout even venturing to compete almost ten kilograms above her own weight division for competition.

The bout on paper was a near perfect match-up. Fight records and ages aligned and with the rise of female competitors in the sport of Muay Thai in recent years only promised to be spectacular come the bell ringing for round one. Tuna who stands at 163cm in stature had a task ahead of her facing a towering opponent of 173cm in height and reach.

From the opening the ladies wasted no time going toe-to-toe trading with punches and kicks. As the rounds went on Tuna managed to find her range with some well timed body and leg kicks that had King struggling to find her own, instead firing forward with punches and looking to clinch. Tuna fired back countering with her own artillery causing some minor swelling to the face of King seen in the break of round three. Tuna managed to dump King to the canvas on multiple occasions in rounds two, three and five which seemed to be the deciding factor in what was an absolute thriller that had the crowd on their feet at the finish.

At the decision it was Whitney Tuna crowned the new WMC Light Bantamweight State Champion. Tuna goes down in history as the second female champion for Champions Gym (alongside recently crowned lightweight champion Victoria Callaghan) and the fourth legitimate Muay Thai title holder in the five short years the club has been in existence.