Success: 26 year old burns 12 Kgs!

April 19, 2017

We love sharing good news stories about our stand out clients… It’s simple; When you work – You see results. Eilish has trained with us since June 2015. Without making any drastic lifestyle changes Eilish made training a part of her week and the results have been great – 12 kilograms down, a drastic improvement in tone, stamina and general well being. In an age where fad diets, magic pills and failed promises are ravishing the pockets of desperate people wanting results, it gives us so much pleasure to share stories like this below:
“I started training at Champions Gym in June of 2015. Doing two or three boxing classes a week. Anyone that knew me growing up knew I was the least athletic person on the planet and the thought of exercise was a scary one for me.

The coaches and people who train at Champions made it a really comfortable place to be. I really struggled through classes at first but kept coming back and quickly started to notice the changes in myself. I wasn’t feeling so out of breath, I was able to get through a whole round of skipping and I was feeling stronger. I had setbacks like injuries but the coaches were so supportive and would give me other things I could do instead. This year I have stepped up my training to 4 to 5 times a week and am aiming to do even more. I’ve found a workout I really love in boxing and am planning on starting Muay Thai and strength and conditioning as a goal this year.

I’ve lost 12kgs since starting at Champions Gym, but more importantly, it’s really increased my confidence in myself because I never realised I had the potential to do something like this.”

– Eilish Wilson, 26, Dental Assistant

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