Two champions dazzle at Epic Fight Promotions

April 10, 2017

It was a highly anticipated night as our two female state champions Whitney Tuna and Victoria Callaghan stepped into the ring on the Muay Thai event that was EPIC 16 promoted by Darren & Caley Reece. Victoria Callaghan the current dual women’s lightweight WMC & WBC State Champion defending her title against Saskia Vaughan and Light Bantamweight WMC State Champion Whitney Tuna taking on Spring Sia from Victoria in a non-title contest.

Whitney Tuna (5-1-0), head coach and director of Champions Gym came up a division from her usual 52kgs to 53kgs in order to find competition. The size difference showed as Tuna was the smaller of the two; Sia (5-1-0) with the height advantage. Tuna landed some well timed kicks and punches whilst evasive, controlling the clinch despite her height disadvantage with Sia applying pressure from the get-go. Over five rounds it was Whitney Tuna awarded the split points decision in a tough bout.

“Got the win, very close fight, didn’t feel like I did my best but it’s all apart of the learning game”. Said Tuna following the bout on Facebook.

Later in the evening it was the match that everyone had been waiting for as the current dual organisation state champion Victoria Callaghan (5-2-0) defending her crown against tough town rival Saskia Vaughan (7-1-0). The bout was fast and furious as Vaughan stalked forward, a fast footed Callaghan would aim to reply with every exchange a barrage of kicks, punches and knees that had the crowd on their feet at the finish.

At the decision it was announced Victoria Callaghan the victor, successfully defending her WMC state lightweight crown and now a three time state champion improving her record to 6 wins and 2 losses.

“You win or you learn. Tonight I did both. What an amazing fight it was!” Posted Callaghan ecstatic with the result on Instagram.

A huge thank you to our sponsors Subzero Recovery and Northbridge Chiropractic for keeping our girls in condition; and the biggest thank you must go to our supporters – THE BLUE ARMY – Thank you so much for all your time and cheers, it made it all worth while!

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