Paul loses 7 kilograms in just 3 months

May 29, 2017

Another happy customer losing 7 kilos and improving overall in just 3 months without any drastic changes, only making regular training a part of his busy lifestyle.

Paul, 27, Account Executive from Taiwan.

“I have been training in Champions Gym for three months, I lost 7 kilograms going from 87kg to 80kg.

I was considered as a fit guy until I graduated from University… The lifestyle changed. My body weight climbed to 90kg in my previous stressed, unhealthy, bad nutrition lifestyle as an account executive at office. All of it made me feel sad…

So I asked myself “How about take a break and make a change?

“I came to Champions Gym in February and I lost 7kg in just three months, I took sessions in BJJ, boxing for fitness and Muay Thai 4-7 times per week.

Feeling lighter, more powerful week by week. I have improved a lot with both mental and physical condition. I really like the atmosphere, environment, training method and intensity at Champions Gym.

For those who are hesitating to make a change in life and want to get a fit, healthy body – Don’t hesitate ! Come and join in. Start a new life from now on!”

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