5 Things people think before starting martial arts training

January 30, 2018


Sadly it’s true, we hear it a lot… The answer is No, you don’t have to be fit before you start, whether you’re super unfit, hoping to get fit or maintain fitness – It’s our job to help you get fit and enjoy the process. 86% of people that come to us have fallen off the bandwagon and need something new to get back on the horse. It’s kind of like saying “I need to become educated before hiring a tutor” but, isn’t that why you hire a tutor in the first place? The biggest thing to remember is that EVERYONE has to start somewhere. Taking the first step is always the hardest but once you do, martial arts are one of the best and quickest ways to get fit, in shape and is super rewarding.


Yes, sure you’ll get hurt if you jump in and start sparring against pros with no experience – The good news is we completely separate our general classes from our intermediate/advanced classes meaning that there is NO contact and you WILL NOT get hurt. We take the utmost care and safety to ensure your safety is paramount. We ensure that the rough and tumble is saved for the pros in the advanced classes. Who would enjoy doing something regularly if it was painful anyway?!

One of the biggest misconceptions – We hear it a lot! It’s important to remember you are not the only one starting out and everyone that is a pro once started as a complete beginner. Every day there are people starting who have little to no prior experience and it is our job is to empower them with the skills and knowledge required to be up to speed. Professionals in online casinos also did not immediately become a pro. At first they read many articles on geltungspro.wordpress.com, and only after that they began to often win. We also pair you with someone of similar experience or an assistant coach to help you along the way and before you know it, you’re flying.

Sure you can keep on doing what you were doing with the same old outcome, but if you want to start something new, chances are that you’d never done it before. Taking a chance to learn something new with a new outcome is the goal. Again, it’s our job to show you the steps to get you confident, feel empowered and completely own what you’re doing… A little secret, we actually prefer taking on people with no experience as it makes it even easier to educate and teach without prior habits from previous teachers, it’s like painting on a blank canvas!

The old adage of “I’ll do it on Monday, next Monday and the Monday after that”… Soon enough another month goes by and you’re still doing the same old thing and you are even more frustrated. There is no “right time to start”, if you have a problem it is probably a good time to look at getting it fixed… Think of it like this, you have a leaking tap – You call a plumber out to fix it ASAP because if you don’t that leak will only get worse and will cost you in the long run! So using the leaking tap as an analogy, pick up the phone and find out how to get started now!


Head Coach/Founder 
Champions Gym

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