January 30, 2018

Boxing classes provide a fun, calorie-burning alternative to monotonous activities like running. Boxing 4 Fitness uses boxing moves to provide an aerobic workout. You burn calories boxing and running, but running gives you more control over how many calories you expend. Guides and calculators indicating calories burned are always estimates, but they give you a general idea. Below is an estimate based upon someone who weighs 59kg…

Running – Up to 472 calories
Running burns a range of calories depending on your weight, your speed and your intensity. Running hills burns more calories than running a flat route. Running at 8km per hour burns significantly fewer calories than running at higher speeds. For example, a 59kg person running at 8km per hour burns 472 calories in an hour. Whether cardio boxing or running burns more calories completely depends on what exactly you do and how much you weigh.

Boxing – Up to 531 calories
A 59kg person who shadow boxes for an hour burns 531 calories. Shadow boxing, which is executing techniques without a partner in the mirror, is similar to a boxing class; all activities involve constant movement and throwing strikes so they burn similar amounts of calories!

Muay Thai –  Up to 600 per hour
A cardio Muay Thai class which incorporates upper body moves with kicks, knees and elbows – burns up to 600 calories per hour. Muay Thai is known as science of the eight limbs as it incorporates punches, kicks, knees and elbows combined in a high intensity full body workout!


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