3 Ways Martial Arts Improve Your Mind

March 2, 2018

Today’s world is fast paced and sometimes you may feel it is hard to keep up. Maintaining focus and concentrating is harder through distraction in everyday life and people are finding it harder and harder to focus their attention on the things that matter most to them. Everyone knows how good exercise is physically; but mentally there is so much more. Through martial arts training we aim to strengthen the body and the mind making for an overall enhanced individual. Here are 3 ways martial arts can improve your mind:

1. Stress Relief
A great way to relieve stress after a long day of frustration and fatigue is to hit something. Making sure they are the right things such as a boxing bag, pad or specific target; offering many stress-relieving benefits. When hitting the punching bag, your brain increases production of endorphins, neurotransmitters that create feel-good thoughts in your brain. Hitting things helps to relieve muscle tension that can collect when you experience stress. The more you hit things, the more you will find your focus is improved, increasing your concentration and helping you forget the reasons why you are stressed.

2. Enhanced Concentration & Focus
Martial arts training improves your concentration and focus. During training you are forced to be present in the moment, you almost cannot afford to let your mind wander or slip, if you do chances are you’ll execute it incorrectly or miss the intended target. Repeating this in martial arts training activities on a day to day basis sharpens the mind and it’s ability to concentrate on the task at hand. An enhanced mental clarity and focus in training carries over to every day lifestyle meaning you can be better everyday with the ability to get more done with little to no distraction!

3. Self-Confidence
Confidence and peace of mind go hand in hand. In fact, when we reduce our insecurities, we become less self conscious and that allows us to perform at our peak ability. Through martial arts, a massive part of training is improving self confidence through facing and overcoming challenges which push you past your limits and allow you to reach a level never thought possible within yourself. With each challenge you overcome, the more your self esteem improves.

At Champions Gym we aim to redefine the way people enjoy their fitness through dynamic martial arts training. Specialising in Boxing, Muay Thai and Strength & Conditioning our style of training is never boring, always challenging and conducted in a fun, safe and positive environment unique combining old school training technique with modern knowledge. We offer over 45 classes per week, with classes designed for the complete beginner. Register your interest to get started today.


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