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We Are Coming South!

February 19, 2019

Finally, after a 12 month journey, the lease is signed and we will be opening up our second facility located in Myaree. After two unsuccessful lease applications, endless parking headaches and difficult real estate agents, we’ve found a ‘diamond in the rough’ that is to become the home of future champions and transformations for all our amazing clients.

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Every year we help our clients break through barriers, transform their physique, smash it out in the ring or simply work towards any goal they set their mind to. So why not help more people step out of their comfort zone, and live their best life?

We boast a 590m2 facility which includes a strength & conditioning area, boxing ring, bags and a separate club room for our members to enjoy a coffee before and after their session.

We are all about community here at Champions Gym and believe you are a sum of the people who you surround yourself with. So, surround yourself with healthy, fit and motivated individuals to help you through those bad days!

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