How to Right Kick with Hussein Ahmed

March 26, 2019

In Muay Thai, your technique is everything. The body kick is the most powerful technique in Muay Thai. Power for the kick is generated from the fighters hip rotation, arm swing, and speed of the kick.

The one mistake people make when they first try learning how to kick is they kick with full power right away. By focusing on kicking HARD, you are going to learn bad habits right away because you aren’t thinking about the individual components of the kick.

Even though it may be hard to take a step back and focus on your technique, it is essential to perfecting the technique.

Tip 1: Establish Range

Before kicking you must establish range. When starting out, you should only focus on kicking from a set distance. Once you learn to kick correctly, you can worry about changing the distance of your attacks.

Tip 2: Footwork

When you first learn how to kick, instructors will teach you to take a slight step forward at an angle as you kick. While this is correct, the reality is that no opponent is stationary and your footwork will need to be adjusted depending on your opponent.

Tip 3: Pivot On The Ball Of Your Foot

In addition to the position of your feet, you also want to push off your toes when you kick and pivot on the ball of your left foot… As you kick, your lead foot will twist, as your hips turn for the kick. The twist motion on your front foot will help you generate more power into your kick.

Tip 4: Swing Your Arms

The swing of your arm is going to help you generate that force into your kick and help you turn those hips as you kick and allow your body to stay balanced at the same time.



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