Basic Straight Punch Drills with Coach Chris Watt

April 16, 2019

They say becoming great at the basics makes you unbeatable. In this Technique Tuesday tutorial, Australian Champion Chris “Killer” Watt shows us some basic straight punch drills he loves to practise and has used in many of his match winning bouts. The drills incorporate straight punches and defences against straight punches….

Chris Killer Watt Perth Western Australia Champions Gym
Chris “Killer” Watt is the Head Boxing Coach at Champions Gym. He is also a Muay Thai coach who is an Australian Champion and three time State Champion.

Coach Chris Watt breaks down two simple yet effective drills. It involves taking turns with a partner – one person attacking, whilst the other defends, working back and forth to practise. The drill includes

A) Attacker throws a double jab / The defender works to Catch -> Cover
B) Attacker throws a jab, cross / The defender works to Cover -> Cover

A) Attacker throws a jab, crossThe defender works to Catch -> Slip outside of the jab
B) Attacker throws a jab, crossThe defender works to Cover -> Slip outside the cross

Practise these drills over 3-5 rounds, 2-3 minutes per round incorporating footwork and head movement, working to a rhythm you’re comfortable with.

Be sure to wear a mouth guard when doing the drill to prevent any accidents from happening during drills and practise.

Become great at the basics and build from there! Be sure to like and share if you’d like to see more 🙂


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