Right Kick, Right Cross with Victoria Sullivan

April 9, 2019

The right kick, right cross is one of the most simple, yet effective techniques in Muay Thai. Not only is the roundhouse kick devastating, but to follow with a solid right cross to an already off balance opponent makes for some dazzling results…

victoria sullivan callaghan nee muay thai champions gym perth western australia
Victoria Sullivan (nee Callaghan) is a decorated Muaythai fighter. She has won and successfully defended the State title 4 times and won the WMC Australian title.

Our Australian Champion Victoria Sullivan has broken down this simple, yet effective technique with some unique insight for your benefit… The right kick, right cross has won many a fight for Sullivan and with practise, could become a match winner for you!

  1. Establish range,
  2. Step out to the left one a 45 degree angle throwing the right kick to the arm or the torso,
  3. Following the right kick, be sure to land your right foot behind maintaining your balance,
  4. In throwing the right kick, hopefully this would have created an opening in the guard of your opponent for the next step
  5. Use the weight in your right foot and throw a right cross aiming for the throat

*Aiming the right cross for the throat ensures your punch slides up and lands on the chin. Aiming too high may cause you too miss, aiming too wide and it may slip off…

Before practising this technique, remember that balance and timing is key. The more you practise, the more fluent you will become… It is best practised in drills with a partner or on the heavy bag.

Kick hard, kick fast!



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