Clinch Grip Technique with Coach Pamorn Martdee

May 23, 2019

One of the common mistakes people make when starting out with the Muay Thai clinch; is using brute force and pure strength which tends to result in becoming fatigued very quickly. The alternative to this is using effective clinch grip technique, small but easy hacks that will assist and develop your Muay Thai clinch for less energy expenditure and using your opponent’s energy against them.

Coach Pamorn Martdee is the Founder and Director of Champions Gym. He is a former Australian Muay Thai Champion and trainer of multiple State and National Champions.

Through my years of living and training at Sangmorakot Gym in Thailand as a teenager, I used to work hours upon hours of clinch per week with some of the most fierce world champions holding Lumpinee, Rajdamnern and Thailand championships. In this time I learnt many valuable tips, tricks and methods that allowed me to have the edge on my opponents – From a big puncher, to a big kicker, my clinch fundamentals helped me adapt accordingly.

It’s a funny thing to see a full grown 90kg Western man thrown around by a 50kg Thai teenager in a traditional gym in Bangkok, simply based on the fact that the smaller Thai uses effective technique and leverage to his advantage. Below are some of the techniques broken down in the video…

Using Leverage:
1) Hooked Wrists – Inside hooks and outside hooks to grip the tricep or bicep as required
2) Elbows – Using the elbows under hooking an opponent’s arms
3) Head Position – Minimising the space between your opponent’s head, using your neck to lever off your opponent’s

Clinch Grips:
A) 100% Neck – Using both hands on the neck to gain control of the opponent
B) 100% Arm – Using both hands on the opponent’s arms to gain control of the opponent
C) 50% Neck/50% Arm – Using one hand on the opponent’s neck and the other on the arm to gain control of the opponent

Practise these drills with a partner without gloves and as you get better, use gloves to become proficient in clinch grip technique.

Clinch work is best performed when the finer intricacies are better understood 🙂  We hope you enjoyed this video!


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