Scottish Warrior: Chris “Killer” Watt Muay Thai Champion

August 8, 2019

The story of Scottish born Muay Thai champion Chris “Killer” Watt. Born in Aberdeen, Scotland, see how a quirky, geeky kid found his love for martial arts and how it transformed him into the man he is today…

Chris “Killer” Watt is an Australian Muay Thai Champion hailing from Western Australia, by way of Aberdeen, Scotland. Chris Watt is an ISKA Australian Champion and three time WKA & WMC State champion. He fights out of Champions Gym, Perth.

Chris “Killer” Watt is an ISKA Australian Middleweight Muay Thai Champion. Hailing from Aberdeen Scotland, Watt has been a three time Western Australian champion winning the WKA championship twice along with the WMC championship.

Since starting karate at 8 years old, Watt’s family migrated to Australia and found a new life in Perth, Western Australia where he has since fought competitively across kickboxing and Muay Thai since age 14. Watt’s trademark walk forward and love for throwing elbows guarantees an exciting match and has the crowd on the edge of their seats!

Watt has fought and beaten some of the best in Australia including Franz Sanchez, Alex Ilijoski, Jakeb Whitman, Ric Pisaneschi, Tom Lawrence and Matt Moss with an Australian title loss against current champion Luis Regis he looks to rematch in 2020. Watt looks to continue his success with some big match ups scheduled for the remainder of 2019…

Keep an eye out for Chris “Killer” Watt as he looks to earn his way to the international One Fighting Championship circuit!

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