Kevin Ross: Inside the Soul of an Assassin

May 6, 2020

Kevin Ross, an American Muay Thai World Champion in multiple combat organisations sits down with Pamorn Martdee to share his Muay Thai journey in a bare all episode of the podcast, A Champion’s Mind.  Throughout an illustrious career, Kevin has enjoyed success in many different ways.  Reaching the height of World Champion on multiple occasions, Kevin has competed in varying styles of combat  over a 17 year and 50+ fight career.  Including Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Boxing.

The story of triumph is not an unfamiliar tale.  But the brink Kevin has returned from is particularly special.  In the beginning of his Martial Arts training, Kevin explains he was a lost young man with nothing but a strong work ethic.  Such a strong work ethic led him to progress at a uniquely rapid pace.  Whilst this encouraged people surrounding Kevin to believe he was far more experienced than he was, he explains this worked to his detriment in some aspects and led him to have a largely false ego.  He continues to explain losing his first competitive bout was a bitter pill to swallow, but looking back he speaks of the experience quite fondly noting how it helped to shape the competitor he would go on to become.  Depicting his first bout, Kevin describes how the playing field was not level and the odds were stacked against him.  Looking back, he acknowledges he would not have been able to rise to the occasion the many times he has needed to throughout his career had he not have faced the challenge and absorbed all he could on that fateful day.

Possessing an unbreakable mindset, Kevin explains viewing his younger years as a purposeless waste helped him stay focused over the course of his 17 year career.  Having faced troubling times in his youth and losing some close friends along the way, he has a deep understanding of his purpose and what he has needed to do to fulfil it.  A true testament to Kevin as an entertainer is the fact he was voted the North American Muay Thai fighter of the year in 2010.  Despite the popularity of Muay Thai in North America trailing to the likes of Boxing and MMA, competing against an all-star list of competitors has undoubtedly earned Kevin the respect he deserves.  An incredible feat considering he began training in 2003 when he was a young adult that had made the conscious decision to turn his life around.

Kevin provides an in-depth explanation of the mindset and the mentality he has towards his training in the 60 minutes he spends with Pamorn.  His belief in his ability is astounding whilst he is still incredibly humble.  With a historic career in stow already, it is clear that Kevin has wholeheartedly taken every opportunity to learn from every experience he has been a part of so far whether it is a positive or a negative one.  Perhaps the most intriguing takeaway of the third episode of A Champion’s Mind with Kevin is his relentless drive to improve himself.  A drive he takes with him inside and outside the ring.  Interestingly enough, it is quite apparent that winning the inner battle is of far more importance than any decal he has earned along the way.  In the later stages of his career, its immensely inspiring to hear the soul of the assassin is still deep.

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