Mentally Fit

May 19, 2020

Whitney Tuna sits down with Jessica Defendi to discuss the powerhouse of the human body, the brain.  Initially fascinated with the function of the brain, Jessica studied her way through a Bachelors, and eventually a Masters degree of Psychology.  The mind has the ultimate control of our body throughout every aspect of our being.  Jessica dives deep when explaining what the brain is capable of and she gives a clear and detailed description of the best methods for developing and strengthening it.  The best part is you can train and adjust for it to be even more powerful than it already is.  There is a reason your brain is often pinned as your biggest asset after all.

Although change is often positive, it is rarely welcomed.  Most of the time, the feeling of unfamiliarity that comes with change causes discomfort.  This will most likely lead to rejection of change.  Especially in the initial stages.  Jessica explains such a reaction is far from unusual.  In fact, she continues to explain that change is likely to evoke emotions similar to grief.  The change that Covid-19 has caused has left most of us in unfamiliar territory.  As difficult as it may be, Jessica translates the importance of viewing the change as an opportunity.  Treating the change exactly as you would for all positive change is paramount.  It is uncertain, it is unfamiliar, it is worrying, but it will change.  Reacting positively from the start is a must.

Deeper in the episode, Jessica discusses the stress that any interruption to our lives can cause.  Understanding that stress can exacerbate a problem, Jessica explains the ways in which the problem can grow is the exact reason to avoid succumbing to stress.  She continues to explain it can lead to drug and alcohol addiction, relationship issues, workplace problems and even threaten your life.  Even though there are countless research articles that acknowledge the benefits of exercise available at the click of a button, Jessica explains that the exercise starts in your mental space long before you actually get moving.  The exercise may not be the same as you have always like, but the benefits are the same.  The interruption and the change in your life may not be the change you wanted, but you can still react positively.

The message Jessica delivers is incredibly refreshing.  She explains the mindset an athlete takes on when accepting a challenge with confidence they can achieve it is often when they find their best performance.  It’s the perfect opportunity to harness nervous energy and drive forward.  It’s obvious that not every challenge will provide the perfect opportunity to harness nervous energy, but Jessica explains that even understanding when you are not blessed with such an opportunity is half the battle.  If you understand where you are, you will find it easier to travel the road to get where you want to be.  Get motivated, get moving and get listening!