Successful Business: Beyond the Brick and Mortar

May 20, 2020

In the final year of his commerce degree, Daniel Bradshaw took a leap of faith and began designing his own clothing label, Street X.  Originally toying with several varying business plans and titles for the brand, Daniel eventually settled on Street X. Which was inspired by an Australasian stock exchange product named Chi-X.  Daniel sits down with Pamorn Martdee to discuss the trials and tribulations of the label thus far.  From its well thought out birth to its global success, the story of Daniel Bradshaw and Street X is a fascinating journey.

Originally aiming to create a stock exchange style website, Daniel explains how building a business from the ground up has encouraged him to realign his goals.  Looking back over the 9 year journey, Daniel tells Pamorn how he envisioned being a multi-millionaire at the height of his success with 9 years of progress under his belt.  But he continues to clarify that such a thought was far too broad and letting go of that warped reality has helped him develop success.  Advising Pamorn that it took many years for Street X to become a profitable business, Daniel also describes how realigning and simplifying his approach to  continuously progress has been the best move he has made.  Being a multi-millionaire would be an enjoyable life, but Daniel explains that aiming to be in a better position in every facet of the business with each year that passes has allowed everything to fall in to place accordingly.

As Pamorn and Daniel progress through the podcast, the characteristics that Daniel possesses become quite apparent.  Narrating a clear chronicling of his upbringing, Daniels discusses with Pamorn how he was a very active and competitive child who progressed in to a rather defiant character.  He continues on to explain how such characteristics gave him the confidence and the mindset to create and build a successful business.  Daniel provides great insight for the commitment that is required to develop an idea to a point that it offers success.

Whilst he is entirely responsible for his own success, Daniel strongly refutes the fact that he is an entrepreneur.  He explains he had no capital backing from day 1 and that every leap he has taken in his career has come at the risk of losing everything.  It’s incredible to hear the attention to detail Daniel has and the amount he has absorbed and learned from in his 9 year journey.  The most exciting part is undoubtedly that he is armed with many different approaches and even though 9 years of trading is a massive success in itself, he is only just getting started.

Happy listening!