An Education in Defiance: Yolanda Schmidt

June 9, 2020

Yolanda Schmidt has an endless list of achievements in her fascinating career.  Stepping into the ring more than 40 times has gathered an incredible amount of respect for Yolanda within the Muay Thai community.  But it is safe to say that it has not been the smoothest ride.  From broken bones to collecting belts, Yolanda sits down with Whitney Tuna for episode 7 of A Champion’s Mind to talk about the trials and tribulations of her illustrious career thus far.

Yolanda has experience in many different sports throughout her life.  She explains to Whitney she has always attacked everything she has been willing to give her time to with all she has to offer.  Winning her first 10 competitive bouts is evidence of her work ethic but she explains her first loss was a learning curve that impacted her so heavily she would never forget it.  Upon reflection, she explains the feeling of letting her peers down was hard to take but as time progressed she realised that the disappointment she was feeling was purely within and was not a feeling her family and friends shared.  Yolanda continues to explain that learning to balance between feeling as though she had disappointed herself to taking a loss an opportunity to learn has helped her greatly throughout her career.

As the life Yolanda lives begins to unravel throughout the podcast, it becomes clear that her work ethic is simply astounding.  Her fight career has been plagued with injuries.  She mentions that there has been times in a fight camp when she has had an injury to her left arm that would justify refusing to compete.  But instead, she takes the opportunity to work on her techniques that do not involve her injury.  Such a positive mindset has helped her work through losses, avoid the negativity that might be directed at her through social media and continue to inspire the youth in her job of Health and Physical Education.

Yolanda has a fascinating career with many decals to support her abilities.  Perhaps the most fascinating factor of her career is the amount of setbacks she has worked through in order to achieve what she has achieved.  The most important message Yolanda delivers is definitely supported by the fact that she won a gold medal for Australia with a torn hamstring that occurred in round 1.  If you want something bad enough, you will find a way.  Have a listen to how Yolanda has always found a way.

Happy listening!


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