The Young Achiever

June 5, 2020

Episode No. 6 of the podcast, A Champion’s Mind, sees Whitney Tuna sit down with Australian Champion Boxer, Jason Mallia.  Starting Boxing at a young age, Jason recalls his biggest influence in the ring to be his Dad considering he was responsible for introducing him to the sport at a very young age.  A mere 25 years in to his life, Jason has already won an incredible 5 Australian Championships and 9 State Championships.  This has helped his dream of making it to the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 a very real reality.  Perhaps most fascinating of all, he has managed to continuously achieve and grow in his career whilst managing the world class facility, Crew, in his hometown of Melbourne on the east coast of Australia.

Recalling his youth, Jason describes how he developed a strong work ethic from a very young age through his upbringing.  He says his father would regularly explain to him that he had a responsibility to those around him to deliver his absolute best at all times in all aspects of his life.  He explains such a strong message has helped him a lot throughout his career in and out of the ring.  The reality is that, if you want something, you have to be willing to work for it.  He mentions this particular realisation would serve him well when he would be in the pits of a stressful day that would often lead to a lack of motivation.  Reflecting as honestly as possible, Jason mentions this mindset has been pivotal for his progression in many ways.

Touching on the fact that 25 is a young age to be the owner of a gym, Jason explains he could not have it any other way.  In the very early days of his career, he explains he would feel very conflicted working as a personal trainer in rented spaces as he was rarely allowed to operate in the manner that he believed was in the best interest for him and his clients.  Even though he was quite young, to Jason it appeared the obvious move was to open his own facility and use his experience to develop a strong and successful product.  Whilst he openly admits there are a lot of struggles that came along with it, he likens it to any difficulty you face in life.  He advises strongly that you should learn from every experience.  He explains that all your experience builds your character and quite often the biggest change or positive adjustment to your character occurs in your most difficult times.

With a storied career already, Jason paints the picture for his future goals.  Interestingly enough, as a competitor, his focus is set heavily on an appearance at the Tokyo Olympics.  It is fascinating to hear that he has a sole focus given his position would likely offer many doors for him to walk through.  As the conversation progresses, it becomes quite apparent that Jason is very experienced in putting his focus in the right place.  His career is illustrious and young, his business is thriving and young.  Jason is an incredibly exciting human being to watch and his future is undoubtedly going to be beautiful to watch unravel.  Listen to one of the industries most exciting and passionate leaders share his mindset and his journey with a likeminded individual.

Happy listening!