Iron Sharpens Iron: Myaree and Highgate Unite

July 9, 2020

The 27th of June saw both the Myaree and Highgate advanced Boxing and Muay Thai teams come together for an action packed day of sparring.  With announcements of the return of fight shows here in Perth, the competitors of both clubs trained together with an epic 80 participants all putting each other to the test in the Myaree facility which hosted the 16 rings for the teams to showcase their skills.  Although it was a cold and wet day, the venue was heating up straight away as the 80 competitors started sparring at 10am.  The sparring was set to 60 second rounds with teams of 5-7 at each station.  With one person staying in the middle through the change of sparring partners.  The constant rotation was putting everyone’s conditioning to the test as the fresh partner entered the ring and picked up the pace.

An incredible spectrum of skill was on display throughout the day with some of the fresh additions to the team getting the chance to step in and learn from veterans with as many as 300 competitive bouts.  The next generation were in attendance to get a glimpse of the action and take some training inspiration from the more elite athletes amongst the two clubs who were putting on a show.  After a full 90 minutes of non-stop sparring, everyone involved came together for a group photo followed by a hearty breakfast whilst recapping the event and the highlight match-ups.  With 14 championships amassed through the Highgate team already, the Myaree team are looking to have a debutant before the end of the year and the sparring event helped to set some clear goals for who that debutant might be.

As always, the community was ripe for the event with over 50 members outside of the fight teams coming down to watch.  With the sparring finishing up around 11:30, the entire crew stuck around for some breakfast and the chance to share some inspiration with each other for those that are looking to work their way in to the team or for those that are looking at locking in a fight date.  Whether its sparring, competing or changing and building your body composition,  the Champions Gym community is the place to be.

Check out the photos from the day here ➡️

All photos were taken by the incredible Joshua Hew photography!