5 Muay Thai Styles You Must Know

June 18, 2021

There are many different styles of Muay Thai, but these five are the most prominent and most important!

Over the past four decades, we’ve seen some of the greatest gracing the Muay Thai ring from the Golden Era, through the 90’s and now some of the finest in One Championship


1) “Muay Mat” (Puncher)

The feared puncher is one of the hardest hitters in the game. Sadly, punching doesn’t always fair well against kickers and clinchers in Muay Thai, however if a punch lands, it’s good night irene! Some of the best punchers in the game over the years are: Anuwat Kaewsamrit, Bovy Sor Udomsorn and most notably today, Rodtang Jitmuangnon.

2) “Muay Femeu” (Technician)

There are many different ways to win in Muay Thai, but being adaptable and having the ability to pivot according to the flow of the fight allows adaptability in many scenarios. Technicians are known for having seemingly flawless timing, pinpoint accuracy and requiring little, to no power to defeat their opponents. Some notable Muay Thai Femeu fighters are Sam-A Gaiyanghadao, Superlek and most prominent, Saenchai.


3) “Muay Dtae” (Kicker)

Kicking in the game of Muay Thai is one of the most brutal weapons. Not only are the shins unpadded, but the kick can come from anywhere and not limited to the thigh, ribcage, neck and head. Kickers also known as “Muay Thai Dtae” in Muay Thai can attack from any range, short, medium or long with devastating effect. Some of the most notable kickers are: Samkor Kiatmonthep, Petchdam Gaiyanghadao and Buakaw Banchamek.

4) “Muay Khao” (Knee Fighter)

Some see the clinch game as boring and uneventful, calling for the referee to break in order to see more striking action. But to see a truly exciting knee fighter at work is not only mastery, but sheer brutality to witness as they tie up their opponents like an octopus, get prime head position for control, using the ring ropes to their advantage and drive punishing knees in from every angle. Notable knee fighters include Petchmorakot Petchyindee and Diesel Noi.

5) “Muay Sok” (Elbow Fighter)

Elbows are regarded as the blades of Muay Thai. Not only throwing them can be devastating, but having them thrown at you can lead to a bloody experience. Elbows fighters are always great to watch as they are always action-packed and bring violence, guaranteed. Some of the most notable elbow fighters are Jongsanan Fairtex and Toby Smith.

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