4 Reasons to Start Muay Thai in your 30s

October 20, 2021

Your thirties are one of the best decades of your life, but also one of the busiest. You are probably making headway in your career, juggling family and work and you might be making some big capital purchases like property or investing for your retirement. It’s also a time to wind down on the wild party nights and look after your physical and mental health. Muay Thai might just be the best class you can take to do just that. Interested to hear more? The following are four reasons to start Muay Thai training in your 30s.

1. Investment for the Future

Just as you are putting away some of your salary for your retirement later in life, you should also think about investing in your health. Muay Thai offers a lifetime of benefits, which will pay you back time and time again as you get older. You may believe you are invincible in your thirties, but the fact remains that physical condition can deteriorate very rapidly in your thirties or forties if you are not making a commitment to your health. If you put the time in, you should be strong and enjoy flexibility in your joints. You will also enjoy excellent cardiovascular health and have a strong, toned core. Who said you can’t look buff in your later years?

2. Keeping the Mind Sharp

Muay Thai teaches you to think with a cool head under stress. The mental clarity you will experience helps you to make strategic decisions. It’s well known that if you don’t want to lose your mind, you must use it, and Muay Thai requires mental exercise as well as physical. In addition, the best way to keep your brain sharp is to learn something new. In Muay Thai, there’s always more advanced techniques to master or refine, meaning it is something you can practise for the rest of your life. With razor sharp reaction times and enhanced body-mind co-ordination, you will be all set to remain on your game as you age.

3. Unshakeable Confidence

Knowing that you can handle yourself in any situation is priceless. Being equipped with the skills to defend yourself at any age is a key advantage to Muay Thai. It’s a fact that older people may become more fearful of being assaulted or mugged. With years of Muay Thai training under your belt, that does not have to be your destiny. Your confidence in your abilities will give you freedom to lead your life the way you want, even in your golden years.

4. Bust that Stress

Although the thirties are peak years in terms of career and family life, let’s face it; they also come with a shedload of stress. Exercise has been proven to be one of the best (and healthiest) ways to alleviate tension. A sixty- to ninety-minute training session can burn upwards of 1,000 calories and, best of all, the focus required will take your mind off any stress you are experiencing in life.

The Takeaway

Muay Thai offers so many benefits whatever age you are, but if you start in your thirties, you will be ahead of the game. Don’t put off looking after your health, as it is the most important asset you have. Make a choice to take up Muay Thai in Perth now, and you will thank yourself later.