Muay Thai VS. Boxing: Which style is better for you?

October 27, 2021

If you ever want to start a fight between martial artists, ask them which martial art is the best. Trainers of each style tend to be very loyal to their practice and will defend its honour to the last breath. The truth is most martial arts are fantastic for overall vitality, mental health, and self-defence. We will, however, be taking a closer look at Muay Thai and boxing training in Perth to help you work out if one might be a better choice for you!

Muay Thai & Boxing go Head-to-Head

Although Muay Thai and boxing have some elements in common, there are quite different. Boxing involves fancy footwork, with the strikes coming from the fists, whereas Muay Thai involves leg, elbow, and knee kicks as well. Clearly Muay Thai is better for keeping some distance between yourself and your opponent and keeping your head out of striking range. However, Muay Thai does have some disadvantages. A seasoned boxer would probably be agile enough to avoid many of the strikes, and if the boxer was able to land a punch on a Muay Thai fighter this would carry far more power than vice versa. Muay Thai blows from the fists actually don’t count for points in a bout and are far less dangerous than a blow from a boxer. If a Muay Thai fighter got in close with a boxer though, the blows would be much more intense as they could come from hands, elbows, knees, or feet and they’d be very fast.

Street Fights – which is better?

Of course we are not encouraging you to start a brawl after the pub on a Saturday night, but one of the most useful uses of martial arts such as boxing or Muay Thai is the ability to defend yourself in a street fight. Boxing has the advantage over Muay Thai initially, as you are likely to get to fighting competence sooner (maybe within a six-month training period) as the fundamental techniques are easier to master.

However, if we are talking about proficiency in Muay Thai, it might be the fighting style of choice. The fact that you can use hands, elbows, knees, and feet, and you have a much greater striking distance from your would-be attacker is a huge advantage. There would be also benefits to a “clinch” situation that can easily happen in a street fight. The long and short of it is that boxing will get you to defensive competence sooner, but Muay Thai in Perth would be a better solution long term.

Things to Consider

Both martial arts are great for overall conditioning, fat loss and stamina. Muay Thai also has the benefit of hardening surfaces of the body where you have contact in a strike, for example the shins. The basics of boxing will enable you to defend yourself far sooner than Muay Thai, but Muay Thai is a better bet long term for self-defence. Whether you choose Muay Thai or boxing, it’s important that your coach focuses on refining the self-defence techniques and not only on body conditioning. Without sparring practice and contact, you will not have the skills you need if you ever have to defend yourself.

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