5 Reasons to Start Boxing in your 30s

November 10, 2021

So, you have hit thirty or maybe thirty something and you want to get in shape. Martial arts and boxing have always interested you, but there’s a nagging doubt at the back of your mind: Am I too old to start this now? Can my body cope with the demands of such physical training?

1. The Good News

There’s a common misconception that if you don’t do martial arts or boxing in your teens, it’s too late. Thankfully, this is not the case at all. Whatever age you are, it’s a great time to take up boxing. It’s a great way to develop your athleticism and enhance your physical fitness.

2. The Basics

Boxing is one of the best martial arts to start because the basics are quite straightforward. Once you have the fundamental techniques under your belt, you will see rapid progress from beginner level to greater proficiency. Instant wins are very rewarding – and it will motivate you to continue your journey of health. People of all ages take up boxing so never feel it’s too late to try something that could bring you so much joy.

3. Set your own Pace

No matter what age you are, taking up boxing classes in Perth could be one of the best decisions you make for your health. You will feel years younger, as your body starts to really come into its full potential, and your brain is flooded with all those feel-good endorphins from exercise. Of course, some people want to achieve mastery within a set timeframe, whereas others are happy to go at comfortable speed, refining their technique as they go.

4. Recapture your Youth

As your transformation progresses; people may say that you look years younger. As your body gets more defined you will regain the figure you had in your youth – or maybe an even better one. You will also feel more dynamic as your body is doing what it is designed to do – being active and fit. Of course, as your physical health improves, your mental health will also get a boost, and any work or life stress will melt away during training. It’s not an easy fix, and it will take some time and dedication, but you will see results.

5. Self-defence

Not everyone wants to jump into the ring and beat the crap out of an opponent, but through boxing training you will learn a very important skill – self-defence. We are lucky that we live in peaceful times, and the chance of being attacked on the street is relatively low. However, we all know that these things do happen, but with boxing skills, you know that you are equipped to defend yourself if need be, no matter how old you are. The peace of mind that this brings is priceless – you know you can handle any situation you encounter.

Are you ready to sign up?

Boxing training in Perth will get you in the best shape of your life, even if you are in your thirties, forties or older. There’s no better time to invest in your health than right now. You will be able to see a difference from the first session, and you won’t recognise yourself in six months. Are you ready to say hello to a new and improved version of yourself? If so, enrol in a boxing training class at Champions Gym today!