4 Reasons why Muay Thai is Worth Learning

December 1, 2021

Many people shy away from starting Muay Thai training in Perth. They assume it will be too hard, too violent and they are not up to the challenge. In this article, we will explain four major reasons you should reconsider your options and sign up for a Muay Thai class at Champions Gym. It could change your life forever!

1. Muay Thai will get you in the best shape of your life.

When people reject something for being too hard, it’s because they fear it will be a case of lots of pain and very little gain. They give up before they have even started. If truth be told, Muay Thai training is not a breeze – it requires time, dedication, and effort but it will pay dividends. Committing to a sixty- to ninety-minute training session five times a week will transform your body fast. Implementing both aerobic and anaerobic training techniques, you will lose surplus kilos and see a defined body shape within a short space of time.

2. It will transform your body and mind.

When your body starts performing as it was designed to do, you will feel stronger, more confident, and inspired. Developing self-discipline is a valuable skill, and it affects every area of your life. As you hit your training targets, master new techniques, and feel your physical ability enhancing, you will be motivated to achieve even greater achievements. Muay Thai allows you to streamline your thoughts, giving mental clarity and control, and a strategic edge to your decisions.

3. You’ll have confidence in any situation.

Muay Thai was developed as a self-defence fighting technique, and it will stand up against every other weaponless combat style. Thankfully, these days, we rarely encounter violence in everyday life, but this means we are not learning how to cope with challenging or aggressive situations. Throughout your training, you will be put in situations that are out of your comfort zone, and it is this is a key advantage. Feeling comfortable with the unfamiliar, equipped with superb self-defence skills, and having the ability to think calmly and strategically will mean no situation will daunt you. Muay Thai is for both men and women, because we all need to know how to handle ourselves.

4. Your physical health will improve

Most people do not do enough exercise and they neglect their cardiovascular health. As we get older, it’s important to maintain muscle mass as this can be hard to maintain. Muay Thai fighters tend to be lean, strong, and flexible due to their intensive training which targets muscle groups, improves suppleness, and builds stamina. All of these aspects will add to your quality of life as you age. You will be taking steps to avoid obesity-related diseases, you should have excellent cardiovascular health and you will enhance your mobility and balance.

Clearly, there are multiple benefits to learning Muay Thai in Perth. It’s a discipline that continues to teach us life lessons as we progress. You can never really say you have “mastered” Muay Thai, you are just a little further on the journey. If you want to transform your body, enhance your mind and be capable of things you only dreamed of, commit to a course of Muay Thai at Champions Gym and boxing club in Perth. It is not just a sport, it’s a life choice.