About US

Champions Gym first opened its doors in 2012 in Highgate, Western Australia with the aim of redefining the way everyday people enjoy their fitness & lifestyle through dynamic martial arts training.

Founders and Directors Pamorn Martdee and Whitney Tuna, learned that people can live their best lives through the teachings of martial arts providing certainty, confidence and opportunity through hard work, passion, dedication, sacrifice, teamwork and discipline. 

What started as a small training group of 5-10 ladies, has grown into three clubs – Highgate, Myaree & Joondalup, with over 25 passionate staff working together to change the lives of people from all professions and walks of life. Champions Gym is renowned for its high standards, professionalism, strong culture and community with a belief that health is much more than just exercise and eating well, but a combination of training, mindset, nutrition, recovery and community.

Whilst 86% of people train for fun and fitness, Champions Gym is known for its big three teams and dominant competitors in the arena who have won championships across state, national and world level – A result in years of refinement for Boxing, Muaythai, Strength & Conditioning team

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Meet The Team

Pamorn Martdee
Pamorn was born into Muay Thai and has had a competitive nature since a young age. Such a competitive nature saw him become a National Champion in Muay Thai at the tender age of 17. Having learned an incredible amount of valuable lessons through combat sports, Pamorn created Champions Gym with Whitney Tuna with the aim of redefining how people view their health and fitness so that they can unlock their true potential.
Whitney Tuna
With a large background in HR and professional development. Whitney fell in love with Muay Thai and had the desire to pass the valuable lessons on to everyone in her community. After meeting Pamorn, the pair decided to open Champions Gym and have changed the lives of thousands to date. But opening a business was not enough for Whitney as she has still managed to gain 15 competitive Muay Thai fights, 2 State titles, 30+ career opportunities across 3 clubs with many more to come. Whitney will make you feel like you can jump off a cliff and fly.
Bryan Harris
With many years of experience in the fitness industry, you will be hard pressed to find someone more experienced than Bryan. He has amassed an impressive 33 bouts across Muay Thai, MMA and Lethwei. Bryan has won 3 State Titles and 1 Australian Title in Muay Thai and has represented Australia at the World Muay Thai Championships. He has studied postpartum training, neural based mobility, kettle bell training and trigger point rehab. Once you meet Bryan, it is clear his passion for health and fitness has taken over his life.
Boxing, Muaythai, Strength & Conditioning
Tim Levins
Tim Levins began his Muay Thai career quite early. Having competed 21 times before his 21st birthday, Tim managed to win the WMC State Title at 61kg before redirecting his path to coaching. With a certificate 3 and 4 in fitness, Tim has been coaching for the past 6 years and helped many debutants begin their journey in competitive Boxing & Muay Thai. He is currently the Head Muay Thai coach.
Boxing, Muaythai, Strength & Conditioning
Ryan Fernando
Ryan is our Head Strength & Conditioning coach and utilizes his extensive knowledge & experience to upskill the team. He is qualified in Sports Science, ISKFA & IKFF Kettlebell coaching as well as Precision Nutrition coaching. He has a passion for all things strength and has ventured into the combat world having competed as an Amateur Boxer as well. From being a body consultant to working with high level athletes, Ryan has the answer.
Strength & Conditioning
Jonathan Chew
With a Masters of Exercise Physiology in his arsenal, Jonathan has been coaching and extending his qualifications for 15 years. Jonathan believes in hunting growth in every aspect of life. Since becoming a certified personal trainer, Jonathan has worked with hundreds of clients whilst acquiring his ASCA and TRX Suspension Training certifications. His passion for fitness just grew from there and he went on to complete his diploma and bachelor in sports science before completing his masters. Most incredibly, he managed to continue growing his career and education whilst enjoying his passion for sailing and becoming a sailing silver medallist for South East Asia.
Strength & Conditioning
Dina Steens
A professional Muay Thai fighter for 5 years, Dina has competed in Thailand and all over Australia. Having won the WKA State Muay Thai title, Dina changed her career path from competing to coaching. Since then she has become a certified personal trainer and obtained her ASCA Level 1 certificate and continued to work in the industry for the past 8 years.
Muaythai, Boxing, Strength & Conditioning
Jude Grant
A jack of all trades, Jude is an active competitor in Boxing & Muay Thai. Whilst his career is still young, his experience is quite the opposite. Beginning with Champions Gym in 2017, Jude has 10 competitive Boxing bouts and 3 competitive Muay Thai bouts under his belt. He is an Intermediate & Novice Boxing Champion and has come through the Champions Gym coaching program.
Muaythai & Boxing
Alex Pennefather
Coming through the Champions Gym coaching program, Alex is still young in his career. Being an active Amateur Boxer for the past 3 years, Alex is leading the Boxing team whilst still pursuing his personal goals. Alex has been with Champions Gym since 2018 and is always the hardest worker in the room.
Komkit Chanawong
Known as Jack 300 for having competed over 300 times in Muay Thai, Jack is a Muay Thai celebrity here in Perth. He has had many professional Boxing bouts and has an endless list of decals to his name. From National Champion to World Champion, the most experienced coach at Champions Gym is a man like no other.
Muaythai & Boxing
Erica Sheffield
A representative for Western Australia at the Australian Boxing Championships, Erica has been training, coaching and competing in Boxing for the past 10 years. She is a certified level 2 Boxing coach and has a wealth of knowledge to pass on.
Tommaso Aloe
An Italian native, Tommaso relocated to Western Australia in 2018 and completed his fitness studies. He has competed in Muay Thai for the past 10 years which has seen him compete in the world famous Lumpinee and Rajadamnern stadiums in Thailand and on the famous Max Muay Thai promotion.
Muaythai, Boxing, Strength & Conditioning
Kimi Thien
With a background in group fitness and suspension training, Kimi is a highly qualified personal trainer. Since coming to Champions Gym in 2019, Kimi has come through the coaching program and began competing in Muay Thai regularly whilst nurturing the team she is leading through the ranks.
Muaythai, Boxing, Strength & Conditioning
Rikki Vallance
Born and raised in Scotland, Rikki moved to Western Australia at the age of 14. By then, he had been training and competing in Muay Thai for 7 years and was coaching classes at his local Muay Thai gym. Since his relocation, Rikki has led a fight team and studied to become a certified personal trainer.
Muaythai, Boxing, Strength & Conditioning


Hall of Fame

Whitney Tuna


Won the title 22 September 2019 defeating Mikyla Baggstrom-Wilde (Legends Academy) at Ignition Pro presented by Wa Thaiboxing

WMC Light Bantamweight WA State Champion

Won the title 20 August 2016 defeating Niki King (Kao Sok) at Nak Muay Fight Series presented by Adam Bailey


WBC Muaythai Welterweight WA State Champion

Won the title 7 August 2021 defeating Brandon Hardcastle (Thaiboxing Pit) at Domination 24 presented by Blair Smith & Darren Curovic


WMO Lightweight World Champion

Won the title 17 July 2021 defeating Gentiane Lupi (Alpha Muaythai, New Zealand) & Leonie Macks (Urban Muaythai, Queensland) at Infliction Muay Thai presented by Nick Atkins

WMO Lightweight Australian Champion

Won the title 27 March 2021 defeating Brooke Cooper (Kaos Muaythai, Queensland) & Leonie Macks (Urban Muaythai, Queensland) at Infliction Muay Thai presented by Nick Atkins

2x WMC Lightweight Australian Champion

Won the title 2 March 2019 defeating Leonie Macks (Urban Fight Gym, Queensland) at Futures IX presented by Chantel Green
Defended the title 31 August 2019 defeating Britney Dolheguy (Urban Fight Gym, Queensland) at Futures X presented by Chantel Green

3x WMC Lightweight WA State Champion

Won the title 17 July 2016 defeating Bec Rooney (Beast Masters) at Ignition presented by WA Thaiboxing Defended the title 31 March 2017 defeating Saskia Vaughan (Seldy’s Gym) at Epic presented by Darren & Caley Reece
Defended the title 3 December 2017 defeating Saskia Vaughan (Seldy’s Gym) at Ignition Pro presented by WA Thaiboxing

WBC Muaythai Lightweight WA State Champion

Won the title 14 October 2016 defeating Alice Becklake (Country Muaythai) at Origins 8: Dawson vs JWP III presented by Origins Fight Promotions


WMC Welterweight WA State Champion

Won the title 6 February 2015 defeating Tim Levins (WATBC) at Ignition presented by WA Thaiboxing


ISKA Light Middleweight Australian Champion

Won the title 6 October 2018 defeating Alex Ilijoski (8 Blade, Victoria) at Nak Muay Fight Series presented by Adam Bailey

WMC Light Middleweight WA State Champion

Won the title 3 April 2016 defeating Ricardo Pisaneschi (Kao Sok) at Domination 17 presented by Pure Adrenalin Promotions


Boxing WA Novice State Champion

Won the 75kg title 15 March 2020 Novice State Championships defeating Cameron Gibney (Southside) in the final – It would be the third bout won in two weeks to secure the title.


Boxing WA Novice State Champion

Won the 64kg title 12 October 2019 Novice State Championships defeating Jason Newton (Southside) in the final.


Boxing WA Novice State Champion

Won the 69kg title 13 April 2013 Novice State Championships defeating Nathan Perry (Sozokan) in the final – It would be the fourth bout won in four weeks to secure the title.