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Challenge yourself with one of the most classic forms of human combat. Boxing uses the punches as primary weapons combined with footwork and head movement to evade attack. Boxing is regarded as one of the most important tools to have as it incorporates hand to eye co-ordination, reaction time, speed, strength and endurance all as one.

The exercises involved with Boxing training allow for a total body workout including cardiovascular, muscular and mental development. Whether its exerting that daily stress, hitting leather in style or just wanting to burn calories, then Boxing is for you!

Equipment required: Boxing gloves / Boxing shoes – Not compulsory (Must be clean) / Handwraps / Towel


  • Improve reflexes / Hand to eye co-ordination
  • Develop speed and agility
  • Improve cardiovascular fitness
  • Body strength and conditioning
  • Self-defence
  • Muscle tone and conditioning

Class Trainer

Pamorn Martdee

"It's a passion helping people develop a strong, fit, healthy mind, body and spirit, setting goals and...


Class Information

Time: Various (See Timetable)
Days: Monday to Saturday
Level: All levels welcome
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