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Kickboxing Classes Willetton

What makes Kickboxing training in Willetton so popular and respected is its effectiveness in real situations, be it for competition, fitness or self-defence. It relies on simple and efficient movement to generate maximum power and efficacy. Our classes will teach you the skills, movement and explosive technique associated with Kickboxing all while improving your physical fitness, stamina and mental discipline.

Equipment required: Boxing gloves / Handwraps / Shorts / Towel

Benefits of Kickboxing

  • Improve fitness & stamina
  • Develop strength & conditioning
  • Develop endurance & fatigue management
  • Improve core strength & flexibility
  • Self defence
  • Confidence
  • Discipline
  • Weight loss

Looking for Kickboxing Classes in Willetton?

Champions Gym is the place to be! We’re one of the most outstanding gyms offering Kickboxing training in Willetton. Since opening our doors in 2012, we’ve changed many lives for the better by igniting passion for health, fitness and combat sports. Our outstanding progress has also been featured in publications such as International Kickboxer Magazine, The Sunday Times and The West Australian. There’s no better place to start kickboxing in Willetton. Read More

Kickboxing Training in the Champions League Across Willetton

Here at Champions Gym, we’ve produced so many champions in the ring with our world-class coaching and training. We’re champions by name and champions by nature, proudly holding 14 state and national titles in Muay Thai and Boxing! Our curriculums and programs have been developed for years, following much refinement. Just check out some of our rave reviews on Google.

Despite our stellar track record, no one is an expert from the get-go! We operate a zero-tolerance policy towards judgement and egotistical behaviour. You may assume that our clients are all young, fit and rough. That couldn’t be further from the truth! In reality, all our clients are just everyday people like you! Don’t let your fitness level put you off joining us. Here at Champions Gym, we believe that success is the combination of a strong mindset, training, nutrition, the right community and adequate recovery time. Since we are a members-only club, we have the time to invest in you and build rapport with you. We believe that getting to know you on a personal level is an essential part of supporting you to reach your kickboxing, and lifestyle, goals. 

Are you a teenager, or do you have teens who would be interested? Our Youth Program welcomes them, boasting a discounted rate for those between 13 and 17. Teens can enjoy Strength & Conditioning training, kickboxing or Muay Thai Classes in Perth amongst those of their own age group. We know that young people instantly feel more at home with their peers! Champions’ Youth Program is also a golden opportunity for teens to learn and improve their fitness in an inclusive, diverse environment. They’ll build social skills, learn handy self-defence tricks and make lots of friends!

Join Our Kickboxing Gym Near Willetton Area & Punch Above Your Weight!

No, really-do it! We’ll always push you to be the best you can be. Don’t worry about getting hurt-we value your safety here at Champions. Our training programs are especially developed to reduce the possibility of any injury, so you can reap the fitness benefits without consequence.

With us you can look forward to learning new skills, getting fitter and building your strength and endurance. But more than that – our Willetton Kickboxing classes will help to greatly improve your confidence, boost your self-esteem and give you ways to handle the daily stresses of life. Taking part in a class is taking time for you – you don’t have to think about anyone or anything else – it’s one of the best ways to reduce stress, become more resilient and have more focused mental energy to face the day.

Want to learn more about us? Simply follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. You could also call us up and speak to one of our friendly team! We also have a FAQs section on this site, which tells you what to bring to each session, our gym policies, et cetera.

You’ll love it training with us-so many of our clients say they’ve been inspired to come every day. Come be a part of our community-we’d love to have you. Sign up today! Read Less

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Days: Monday - Friday
Level: Professional
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