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Muay Thai Classes in Perth’s Northern Suburbs

Muay Thai utilises all eight limbs of the body including both fists, shins, knees, elbows and stand-up grappling techniques.

What makes Muay Thai training in the Northern Suburbs so popular and respected is its effectiveness in real situations, be it for competition, fitness or self-defence. It relies on simple and efficient movement to generate maximum power and efficacy. Our classes will teach you the skills, movement and explosive technique associated with Muay Thai all while improving your physical fitness, stamina and mental discipline.

Intermediate and Advanced Muay Thai classes are also available ; however do not appear on the timetable as they are by invitation only.
Equipment required: Boxing gloves / Handwraps / Shorts / Towel

Benefits of Muay Thai

  • Improve fitness & stamina
  • Develop strength & conditioning
  • Develop endurance & fatigue management
  • Improve core strength & flexibility
  • Self defence
  • Confidence
  • Discipline
  • Weight loss

Muay Thai in Perth for the Northern Suburbs

We all reach breaking point. A point where we realise what we’re currently doing isn’t working for us. Or maybe, we feel this sudden desire to make a change, to do something big, something different. It may start as a small voice, but it will grow. That’s where we set ourselves new challenges and push ourselves to step outside our comfort zones.

Our founders had a mission to make martial arts and combat sports fun, exciting and useful for all. We offer Muay Thai classes in Perth’s Northern Suburbs and you don’t need any prior knowledge to get started.

We respect all our members no matter their level or abilities and we will show you how to respect yourself and your body’s unique talents. After all, Muay Thai is about feeling strong and having self-belief without ego or judgement. If you’re looking for a boost in self-confidence, want to grow your self-esteem and reduce the stresses of everyday life, Muay Thai could be exactly what you need. Plus you’ll get pretty fit and fearsome too! Read More

A Members-Only All-Inclusive Muay Thai Club for Northern Suburbs Locals

We’re different because we don’t allow random walk-ins or free passes. This is so our members can bond and see consistency. Moreover, having this kind of commitment means that people stay motivated, build relationships and have a real opportunity to grow, learn and improve with steady, regular sessions.

Muay Thai will bring you boundless benefits that aren’t just all physical. You’ll get to enrich yourself mentally and understand different perspectives all with this fascinating combat sport.

If you explore our website, you’ll see that we offer a broad range of sessions at different times of the day and different kinds of memberships. So, even those with hectic work weeks will find they can fit in a few classes.

Our principal idea is to introduce Muay Thai to the Northern Suburbs in a way that enables anyone to take part and gain a lot from it.

It’s an alternative form of fitness. Not only do you improve your stamina, get faster and lose weight like in many other traditional workout styles, but you also learn a plethora of new skills. More often than not, people plateau when they get bored or start to feel like exercising is a chore. However, with Muay Thai in the Northern Suburbs you are constantly learning, knocking down barriers and facing new opponents. In other words, there´s always plenty to keep you busy with!

Enquire Further about Our Muay Thai Training in the Northern Suburbs

If you like the sound of what we do and how we do it then please get in contact with us! We’re always available to talk to prospective members and it is always a pleasure to further outline our Muay Thai program with you. Leave us a message on our contact page, give us a call or connect with us on social media. Then, while you’re there you can watch some videos of testimonials and also, stay in the loop with all our latest.

We always aim for nothing short of excellence in every aspect of our work, so you won’t be disappointed. Don’t let maybes and tomorrows hold you back, come and get on board and discover a whole new world of exercise at our Muay Thai gym in Perth’s Northern Suburbs.

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Days: Monday - Friday
Level: Professional
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