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Muay Thai Classes Wangara

Muay Thai utilises all eight limbs of the body including both fists, shins, knees, elbows and stand-up grappling techniques.

What makes Muay Thai training in Wangara so popular and respected is its effectiveness in real situations, be it for competition, fitness or self-defence. It relies on simple and efficient movement to generate maximum power and efficacy. Our classes will teach you the skills, movement and explosive technique associated with Muay Thai all while improving your physical fitness, stamina and mental discipline.

Intermediate and Advanced Muay Thai classes are also available ; however do not appear on the timetable as they are by invitation only.
Equipment required: Boxing gloves / Handwraps / Shorts / Towel

Benefits of Muay Thai

  • Improve fitness & stamina
  • Develop strength & conditioning
  • Develop endurance & fatigue management
  • Improve core strength & flexibility
  • Self defence
  • Confidence
  • Discipline
  • Weight loss

Muay Thai Comes to Wangara!

Always wanted to learn self defence? Why not give Muay Thai a try! Look no further than Champions Gym, where we specialise in Boxing Classes in Perth, Strength & Conditioning training, you guessed it, Muay Thai. Our Muay Thai gym in Wangara welcomes everyone interested. At Champions Gym, we are working towards being the market leader in martial arts in Western Australia. We want to empower you to be your best self and bring you the community, work ethic and fulfilment you aspire towards. You won’t find more excellent Muay Thai training in Wangara. Read More

Muay Thai Training in Wangara: Where Winners Are Made

Never heard of Muay Thai? Don’t worry, many people haven’t either! It’s a combat sport, originating centuries ago from Thailand. In recent years, its popularity has grown massively in the Western world. The “art of eight limbs” mostly uses the fists, elbows, knees and shin in combat. If you’re looking to spice up a tedious gym routine with more excitement, engagement and skill, you just might love it. You’ll lose weight and gain muscle, as well as tone up. Who knows – maybe one day we’ll see you fighting in the ring yourself!

Our coaches all work full-time and are carefully selected, friendly and dedicated. They each have extensive experience in their respective areas and are able to teach Muay Thai in Wangara in its most authentic form. Expect old-school training techniques with a modern twist! Do you have a Muay Thai competition looming? Perhaps you simply want to get out of your comfort zone with your fitness routine? Whatever your goals, our team have you covered. They’ll monitor your progress and give you not just feedback on your form, but advice on nutrition and lifestyle changes that will stay with you long term! Meet each of them and learn a little about our team and origins on this site.

Champions is a members-only, purpose-built gym. This means that, upon joining us, you will instantly be integrated into a community of like-minded, non-judgemental individuals, regardless of if you’re a beginner or a Muay Thai champion already. With consistent attendance and opportunities to train with different partners, you’re sure to build relationships that will last! Additionally, you’ll have the best resources in the region for training. Our clubs are specifically built to prioritise your success, with world-class facilities.

Let off Steam & Build Your Self-Esteem With Muay Thai Classes Near Wangara

Taking part in any kind of exercise is great for letting off steam, building confidence and boosting your self-esteem, but learning and practicing Muay Thai across Wangara takes all these benefits to another level. You’re gaining new skills, discovering how your body adapts to constantly changing physical demands and understanding how you can become more able to take care of yourself. Plus, the concentration you’ll need to master these skills and become accomplished in Muay Thai will mean that you won’t have time to sweat the small stuff which makes it an excellent stressbuster!

Fast as Lightning!

Still unsure if Muay Thai is for you? Just contact us and one of our friendly team will address your concerns. We also offer a great variety in training, so you could always try boxing or strength and conditioning with us instead. Have a look at our timetables on this site, so you can see what fits best into your schedule.

On the other hand, if you’re tempted with our Muay Thai classes in Wangara, join us today! We deliberately don’t display any prices on our site. This is because we want to tailor your individual experience with us with a Discovery Call, during which we get to know you a little better. This way, we can map your journey to being a healthier, happier version of yourself! Read Less

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Days: Monday - Friday
Level: Professional
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