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Achieving your goals is accelerated with goal oriented programs. We understand that everyone has different goals, whether big or small, finding effective pathways to achieving them is so important. Becoming a member of Champions Gym will immerse you in a community of likeminded people, allowing you to learn martial arts in a fun, safe environment that is judgment & ego-free. 

Membership benefits


We're not just a club for champions or professionals. We offer programs that identify, define, action plan and fast-track goal achievement. You can be a home maker, a 9-5 white collar professional, tradie, or a student, and there will always be a solution to assist you in your journey.


We work tirelessly to make sure nobody feels like they're being ignored or excluded. We value creating an atmosphere where the members are friendly and the Coaches are friendly, approachable and free from negative ego.

Over 45+ classes per week

Variety is key when it comes to staying engaged and motivated to stay on track. We offer a comprehensive timetable with early morning, afternoon & evening classes for everyone across Muaythai, Boxing, Strength & Conditioning!


Through the years we've experienced the pros and cons of people dropping in and out and the overall effect it has on goal achievement. Today we have achieved a formula that fosters community harmony, attentive learning, maximising strong rapport and relationships.


With a combined 154 years experience, our full-time coaching staff team guarantees our members are provided with the highest in leadership and education quality. Our team specialise in their field and excel in helping others achieve their own greatness, whilst leading by example.

Frequent Seminars

Whether it be from one of our own accomplished coaches, special guests, or a visiting celebrity, we are always looking to pass on more knowledge.

Results specific to you!

We are aware that not everyone is trying to become a Champion, but the process is exactly the same!

If you want to lose weight instead of learning to fight, it is still just as important for us that you enjoy the process. We understand that sometimes the hardest thing is just showing up… That’s where it’s up to us to ensure you love your time here, learn valuable skills, achieve sustainable, long-term results and build unshakeable confidence for life with great people around you!

That way, if you love the training, you are far more likely to come often! If you show up consistently, you will get life-changing results that breeds success in every area of your life.

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The most important part of our clubs are the people who are a part of it!