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We understand you may be nervous! THE FIRST STEP IS Always the hardest…

Please note: Training is one part of what we offer. For comprehensive programs that include nutrition, mindset and recovery click here.


Nothing will begin if you don’t seize the opportunity for the first time trial now…

We understand why you may be procrastinating in your journey. After all, procrastination is a manifestation of anxiety. In life, we often procrastinate the things that we find stressful, and often, they’re the things we need to do the most. This may be one of the best decisions you make for the rest of your life!

We know how big of a challenge it is for some to start their fitness journey. We do our best to ease beginner’s anxiety. Champions Gym prides itself on our positive environment and welcoming atmosphere, and the safety of our members is always a priority. It just so happens that our members get great results!


We're not just a club for champions or professionals. We offer programs that identify, define, action plan and fast-track goal achievement. You can be a home maker, a 9-5 white collar professional, tradie, or a student, and there will always be a program to assist you in your journey.


Champions Gym is a club that strives to make everyone feel welcome. We work tirelessly to make sure nobody feels like they're being ignored or excluded. We value creating an atmosphere where the members are friendly and the Coaches are friendly, approachable and free from negative ego.

OVEr 150 years experience

With a combined 154 years experience, our full-time coaching staff team guarantees our members are provided with the highest in leadership and education quality. Our team specialise in their field and excel in helping others achieve their own greatness, whilst leading by example.

Educated training

Our focus is not just about getting you fit and healthy, but also about educating our members of the history and correct techniques of martial arts. What you learn in a general class, will be applicable in an advanced class. After all, proficiency comes from proper execution, and proper execution can only come with accurate instruction.

Your Fitness Journey Starts With You!

Surround yourself with positive people in a positive environment. Chat with us for more information!