Pamorn Martdee was born 18 February 1988 in Subiaco, Western Australia. His Father is Thai and his Mother from New Zealand. Martdee was born into a family of the fight business, with his parents starting the first ever Muay Thai gym in Perth established in 1989… Growing up in the gym he was fortunate enough to be inspired watching every day people become world champions.

Attending Highgate Primary School, Martdee played everything from soccer to football, cricket to rugby. At 10, Martdee realised that bullying was a very harsh reality and heading into teenage-hood decided that it was time to start Muay Thai training for self defence, confidence and fitness. What began as hitting a few rounds after school with six time world champion Sanapar Noi (Nij) ignited a passion and at 13 Martdee had his first competitive bout winning on points. He would go on to win his first eight consecutive bouts before heading to Thailand and fighting some of the best in the world. In 2005, he won the youth silver medal at the World Muay Thai Championships and at 17 he won the Australian welterweight Muay Thai title.

Through Muay Thai, Martdee met the love of his life – Whitney Tuna the Co-Founder of Champions Gym. After retiring from competition Martdee went on to coach a small group of ladies which soon grew from five to fifteen and in 2012, Champions Gym was born – a small 150sqm on Lord Street in Highgate. Within the first year, Champions Gym grew to 340sqm and soon became a household name providing training across Boxing, Muay Thai and Strength Conditioning all under the one roof, known for it’s strong culture, community and dominant competition team. Today, Champions Gym has grown into an institute consisting of a team of professionals who share a common passion and specialise in helping clients be at their best in every day life.

Alongside Champions Gym, Martdee and his team established and built the fight entertainment promotion group Origins Fight Promotions which would go on to host some of the biggest names in the world including Saenchai vs Karl Hodgers, Danial “Mini T” Williams vs Stephen Hodgers,  Yodsanklai Fairtex vs “Machine Gun” Marco Tentori, John Wayne Parr vs Daniel Dawson III right here in Perth.