We get a lot of questions about our gym. These questions that are frequently asked so we added them to the site in order to help people who are interested. If you can’t find an answer to your question here please contact us and we will get back to you right away.

Martial Arts: What's all the fuss?

You may or may not know it, but effective striking martial arts such as Muay Thai and Boxing – Martial Arts are rapidly becoming the most useful way to keep the mind, body and spirit in check for harmony in everyday life.

Combing old school with the new school, with extraordinary coaches, in one fun, safe and convenient location – We bring you the finest in training, nutrition and community to help you achieve your goals. In training with us, you will not only learn valuable self-defence; but also burn more calories than any other workout, super charge your fitness, boost personal confidence, all the while transforming into best version of yourself – Plus so much more.

Google the terms: “Fighter Physique” and you will understand what we mean. You don’t have to get hit/hurt to have the physique of a “Fighter” – Come on the journey with us and we will show you how…

Are people who train young, fit and rough?

No, definitely not. Our clients are regular, everyday normal people (like yourself) who go to work every morning, work a 9 – 5 job, then come to training in the evening. Lucky for them, they have realised how beneficial martial arts training is for their physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. You definitely do not have to be young and fit to start training with us! – Forget what you are now and think about the possibilities of what you can become with a little effort and dedication to bettering yourself. After all, you are your greatest investment.

Will I get hurt?

Safety is most important at Champions Gym. There is no doubt that combative martial arts such as Muay Thai, Boxing and Martial Arts possess an element of danger (as with many of the everyday things we do in life) – But the general classes have been developed in such a way as to avoid the possibilities of physical injury making it suitable to all, especially women, who just want to get fit and reap the benefits of training.

Do I have to be fit before I start training?

No, not at all. Most people start with little fitness and 80% of the people who come to us have either lost motivation, struggle to train on their own and/or want something new, dynamic and in a group setting where they can achieve maximum results.

That’s where we’re unique… Our job is to empower you. Our team is dedicated to working with you, demonstrating the techniques and exercises plain and simply, making it easier for you to understand and overall, making it a pleasurable and satisfying experience. If you feel that it’s time to make that start you’ve been longing before, then take the first step!

Do I have to book classes?

Yes, all members are required to book classes they wish to attend. In order to book classes download our Champions Gym App via the app store and see what classes are available to you.

Some classes may become unavailable or full without prior notice. 

What if I am late?

If the class has already commenced and you arrive late; you will be denied entry to the class.

This rule applies as it is disruptive to fellow members who have arrived on time; as well as a disregard to the instructor who has already started the class.

We encourage all members to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to a class starting in order to avoid disappointment.

Do you have shower facilities available?

Yes, we have a shower available for your convenience.

I want to start training, how do I start?

Easy, take the first step and register your interest for our starter program, it’s 4 weeks – Simple and easy… Make the Start Today

Do I have to register before coming in?

Yes, as a way of improving our service to our clients, we like to get to know everyone who walks through our door to ensure the club will be right for them and that they will be a good fit for the community. In order to get started please register your interest by taking the first step here.

Where exactly are you located on Lord Street?

Champions Gym is located between the intersections of Bulwer/Lord Street and Lord/Walcott Street (turns into Guildford Road). A landmark many are familiar with is Perth Oval/NIB Stadium (home ground of Western Force & Perth Glory), we are located approximately 650 metres north. For more information please also refer to the map below:

What do I need to bring to training?

There are only a few things that you need to bring to training. The essentials include:

1) A pair of your own boxing gloves
2) A towel (compulsory)
3) Water bottle
4) Clean, comfortable exercise attire

If you don’t have some of the gear for training as mentioned above, Champions Gym has a full range of equipment for purchase in store at the gym. See reception for more info.

Is parking available?

Yes, parking is available for our customers to the rear of the building. Entry to the rear parking bays are accessible by turning off Marlborough Street which runs East off Lord Street. For more information please refer to the map below:

What does a membership include?

A membership at Champions Gym includes training six days a week with structured group classes to assist you with achieving your goals. As a member you are treated as an individual, not a number; with the benefits of unlimited training across all disciplines at no extra charge. Choose from any one of our great training classes whether it be boxing, Muay Thai or Strength & Conditioning. If you can’t decide, why not do them all?!
*Classes subject to membership type, bookings & conditions may apply.

What are the gym rules?

As with any establishment there are a few house keeping principles we like to encourage such as:

  • Keep calm and leave your ego at the door.
  • Please be polite, respectful and humble towards members, instructors and staff.
  • Please have an open mind and willingness to learn.
  • No swearing please.
  • Please bring a large sized towel to each training session – No towel, no training.
  • Please book your session and sign-in before each and every class prior to the class commencing.
  • Don’t disrupt the class – Please try to be on time to class.
  • Please do not spit during training.
  • Proper hygiene – Please wear clean work out attire to training, body odour may be offensive.
  • No sharing of gloves – Please have your own personal pair of gloves and equipment. (If it is your first time, gloves are available to hire at reception).
  • Please pick up after yourself, put away all equipment in a tidy manner after use.
  • Please use equipment correctly – If unsure, please just ask.
  • Please pay careful attention and follow the instructor’s instructions at all times.
  • Staff are not responsible for personal belongings of members.
  • If you notice a problem please bring it to our attention immediately.
  • Have a fun, safe and satisfying training experience!