The Benefits

Get a full body workout

The exercises involved with Boxing training allow for a total body workout including cardiovascular, muscular and mental development. Whether its exerting that daily stress, hitting leather in style or just wanting to burn calories, then Boxing is for you!

Equipment required: Boxing gloves / Boxing shoes – Not compulsory (Must be clean) / Handwraps / Towel


At Champions Gym we help you to feel like a champion no matter what shape, size or experience you have. Together, we will support you so that you can smash your targets and achieve your goals.

You may think boxing is just a sport for men with six-packs, glorified fighting glamourised for the big screen. However, this couldn’t be further from our truth. Although we love action and can help you get toned up, we demonstrate how boxing can be for anyone of any gender, age and fitness background.

Boxing for us is a different kind of exercise that will not only keep you fit but will also boost your confidence and self-esteem while lowering your stress levels too. When you come to our boxing classes from Cannington, you’ll meet all kinds of people from the suburbs of Perth who share common aims.

We show you the real side of boxing, a sport in which you can thrive and develop.


Perhaps you’re sat at home pondering how you can feel great about exercise again. Maybe you’re at the office dreading your impending, dull workout session as you glare at your gym bag. Or it could be that you’ve never connected with fitness but are looking for a way to transform your mindset.

Whatever the reason or rut you’re in we can help you break out of it. Our martial art and combat styles will give you passion and a plethora of skills that will be useful not only in the gym but also in your everyday life.

Moreover, you’ll become a part of our vibrant community where everyone is valued, appreciated and respected. Belonging, team spirit, kindness, admiration and discipline are core principles that are encouraged at Champions.

What you’ll learn:

  • self-defence
  • strength and conditioning
  • a wide range of techniques and movements
  • how to coordinate your body
  • how to be slick, speedy, nimble and alert
  • Something a little different to standard workouts

What you could accomplish:

  • improved cardiovascular fitness
  • muscle mass
  • sharpened reflexes
  • increased confidence
  • better self-esteem
  • reduced stress

If the above sounds appealing, then we couldn’t be a better place for you. We’re conveniently located in Highgate and Myaree so not at all far away! We welcome people from all surrounding suburbs and so, you can give us a call from the comfort of your own home to enquire about our boxing training in Cannington area.


Our friendly and professional team are always ready for your questions. We take interest very seriously which is why we are totally transparent, open and honest about our services. Given that we’re exclusively a members-only club you can expect a unique experience where you’re surrounded by like-minded people who want to make a difference too.

You can trust in us because we’re wholeheartedly dedicated to this industry. Our Perth boxing gym team members are rich with knowledge, have a wealth of expertise and are simply superb at what they do. They will show you that you are capable of anything and with hard work, you can make that change, reach the next level and feel really good about your progress. If you require further details about boxing in Cannington, feel free to leave us a message, give us a call or find us on social media.

Improve Reflexes

Develop Speed & Agility


Toning & Conditioning

No matter your level, we will help you become the best you

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