Our Story

From a modest group of 10-15 ladies, Champions Gym has blossomed into Western Australia’s most diverse community, boasting 3 clubs, 26 dedicated staff, and nearly 1000 members. In a decade, our transformative coaching, leadership, and inclusive ethos have empowered thousands. With over 14 championships, including state, national and world championships, our impact is undeniable. Each day we aim to Build Better People. Our mission, is simple: Reignite passion for health and fitness through dynamic martial arts.



It was never meant to be anything more than a “ladies-only” class taught by Pamorn Martdee, training Whitney’s friends for fun, health, and fitness as ladies training combat was made popular through Victoria’s Secret models. What started as a casual group class a few nights a week, grew very quickly and demanded its own space. Champions Gym opened its doors on January 16, 2012, located at 324 Lord Street, Highgate.



In its second year of operation, Champions Gym grew in popularity with the addition of numerous classes and as a result; an upgrade of floor space growing from 150sqm upstairs to a 345sqm space with dual zones for training. A full-scale boxing ring was added and enough space for multiple classes to run at one time comfortably.



Champions Gym rapidly became a household name, on the main street of Lord Street. It now housed a full timetable of Fit Body Boot Camp, Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Mixed Martial Arts for fitness with a division for competitors across a variety of combat disciplines.



Champions Gym continued to grow from strength to strength defined by it’s quality of training and family-like community. The demand for combat sports training for women’s health and wellbeing increased with the popularity of iconic female fighters especially, UFC Champion Ronda Rousey.



With an abundance of everyday fitness-loving people and a diverse community sharing the same passion in combat, Strength and Conditioning was added to the timetable with the aim of improving not only the performance of fighters but also injury management prevention and improvement in body composition. In the competitive teams, multiple champions were crowned, introducing the wall of fame for those reaching state, national, and world champion status.



Champions Gym had the biggest showing for “Girls Fight Back” thus far (over 20 participants) a charity sparring event aimed at fundraising for Breast Cancer Care WA. Champions Gym hosted its first ever “Throwdown”, a Strength and Conditioning event breeding a new element of exciting competition within the community. Whitney Tuna traveled interstate for the first time, defeating Jada Ketley in QLD; whilst Trent-Harley Ross became the first-ever fighter to make his debut at the mecca of Muay Thai -Rajadamnern Stadium in Bangkok winning by KO round two.



The year started with a bang as Jimmy Grey became the first-ever fighter to compete at Thailand’s Lumpinee Stadium. Champions Gym grew in strength with the rise in education and popularity of the need for men, and women’s mental and physical health in Western Australia. The team returned interstate where Whitney Tuna continued her dominance defeating Tiah Steinhardt in QLD. Champions Gym develops a groundbreaking program that changes the game for sustainable, long-term results for its members.



The birth of Champions Gym Myaree and coined our movement “THE CHAMPLIFE”. After seven years it was time to spread our wings, expand our team, and build a community South of the River. Welcoming members from the beautiful surroundings of the Swan river, unveiling a fresh, world-class facility boasting 590sqm. The first ever Myaree Hitout brought together both Highgate and Myaree clubs. A thriving community embracing a lifestyle of chasing success through a lifestyle of martial arts bringing together people from North and South of the river… A playground for people to collaborate, compete and congregate. The Hitout events step up a notch as members now get to test their skills against people they’re unfamiliar with, the return of Origins Fight Promotions hosted at Myaree sets the benchmark for premium Muay Thai events in Western Australia, and the tribe grows in our Boxing and Muay Thai teams.



A challenging year that saw uncertainty and isolation, but forced Champions Gym to adapt, and evolve with the times. Whilst some chose to withdraw, Champions Gym chose to stay active, keeping the community moving together, and staying connected in such turbulent times. Champions Gym fought hard to ensure the staff had security in their careers, whilst the team worked around the clock to coach online, keeping members optimistic, positive, and most importantly connected, knowing times would improve. A time in history that taught us a lot and only made us stronger than ever.



Coming out of uncertain times, saw unexpected change. People had many different perspectives on the world, but Champions Gym’s focus remained the same – Control the controllable. Ensuring people built an unshakeable fortitude for any, and all future uncertainty whether inevitable or not, was the focus. Martial arts teaches people to be resilient, confident and to work under adversity – People made the decision to step up, work and improve. Bouncing back from the year that was, saw 2021 as a year of rebuilding for all. The adoption and reintroduction of Girls Fight Back saw Champions Gym uniting the combat sports community of WA to raise $21,696 for Breast cancer Care WA. In the ring, Johnny Callaghan secured the WBC Muaythai state championship and Victoria Sullivan won the WMO world championship.

NEW blood


On our 10th anniversary, the time came to change more lives… Back in 2004, Founder/Director Pamorn Martdee started coaching Muay Thai classes at Arena Joondalup, so it was time to return to the hustling and bustling satellite city of the North – Joondalup. The motivation to build our community came through the thousands of lives changed for the better, transferable to areas of everyday life. Dina Sokol returned to the ring after eight years out, and the introduction of CG Escapes, a concept that introduces Thai culture and training in the motherland. Director Whitney Tuna achieving her lifelong dream of fighting and winning against Southern Thai champion Phetchompu at Phetbuncha Stadium, Koh Samui.



In 2023, we stand united as a team, our vision is to Be the market leader in martial arts & lifestyle clubs known for excellence, integrity and strength in culture. and our mission is To build a generation of successful people through dynamic martial arts, strength & conditioning training. May we pave the way for future and emerging generations…

Meet the team

Pamorn Martdee

Founder / Director

Born into the family business of Muay Thai, Pamorn started training at age 11, started fighting at 13, and went on to win the Australian title at 17. He attributes his success to working with some of the best in the world in his own career as a fighter, but later as a coach and mentor. What originally started as a need to build confidence, and self-defense has grown into his life’s work of coaching others to their own greatness.

Whitney Tuna

Founder / Director

With a huge background in HR and professional development, Whitney originally took up Muay Thai for health and fitness. After meeting Pamorn at training, the pair found a common passion, and decided to share their love for coaching by opening Champions Gym. As a coach, Whitney is passionate about helping women realise their true potential, breaking down barriers and helping ladies achieve success in their own lives. As a competitor, Whitney has been ranked in the top 5 of the country, won two State championships. Whitney will make you feel like you can jump off a cliff and fly.

Rikki Vallance

Club Manager / Boxing / Muay Thai / Strength & Conditioning

Born and raised in Scotland, Rikki found himself in the gym as a teenager. After getting into trouble and having too much energy, he was introduced to Muay Thai. Finding a passion for challenging himself, Rikki then found himself competing, and after seven years, fell in love with coaching, becoming certified in fitness, leading group and personal fitness classes. Rikki is quietly spoken but is passionate about bringing out the best in whoever he works with.

Emma Mallia

Club Manager / Muay Thai

What started as a quest to reinvigorate herself and get fit again, Emma started as a member with us back in 2022. Falling in love with the ethos, coaching, and community, Emma decided to help around the club where possible, before taking up coaching to help fast-track development, especially among female members. Today, Emma also competes in Muay Thai with an aggressive, walk-forward style.

Alexandre Alves

Strength & Conditioning

Alexandre Alves is a passionate and dedicated Strength and Conditioning Coach, hailing from Brazil, crafting personalised fitness journeys for the everyday person, as well as the athlete in need. Alexandre’s impressive CV, with degrees in Sports Science, and Physical Education, includes working together with Brazilian UFC Featherweight #11 in the world Norma Dumont. Alexandre loves bringing out the best in people through his focus, energy, guidance, and knowledge, pushing them out of their comfort zone to their own greatness.

Tommaso Aloe

Boxing / Muay Thai / Strength & Conditioning

Originally from Calabria, Italy, Tommaso made his start in Muay Thai at the ripe age of 26. After falling in love with the art, Tommaso trained at some of the most famous gyms in Thailand including Singpatong and Sitmonchai, living and training against some of the world’s best. After completing his fitness studies, Tommaso now calls Perth, home. Today, Tommaso loves helping people whether it is learning new skills, getting fitter, or wanting to fight. The thing we love the most is the energy he brings, making it so much fun!

Our five pillars

Of success


The body was built for combat, and while humans have evolved from fighting physically to survive daily, the innate instinct to hit things, evade attack, and a quest for longevity remains the same. Training for self defence is necessary, exercising for health is essential, and being a part of a community makes the challenges we face against ourselves, so much easier.

The journey of a fighter is a lonely one, but it doesn’t have to be. Each and every day, we face struggles, internal and external, but having people around, makes it so much easier. It’s not about the destination, but the company along the way. Some of our best friendships are made here for life.

Understanding nutrition is essential to really enjoying the way you fuel your body. Gone are the days of fad diets, and crazy starvation. Using science, we want to simplify, allowing our members to better understand not only the ‘what’, but also ‘how’, so results happen sooner, and are maintainable.

Recovery is essential to reducing pain, discomfort, and fatigue. With exercise, comes muscle soreness, mental setbacks, and physical challenges. We believe an essential part of your success comes from ensuring you implement, and maintain regular recovery into your weekly training programs.

We aim to equip you with the tools to succeed, build confidence for everyday challenges, and achieve long-term success. Challenges faced in the gym, make those in everyday life, easy. We want to help you build an internal fortitude that carries you through to success in every area of life.

The Things

We stand for


BUILD better people. 

Reignite passion for health and fitness through dynamic martial arts.

To produce a world class experience producing extraordinary results.


Do the work that will bring the most impact.
Don’t waste time.


Do whatever needs to be done to accomplish the mission.
No matter your role, no one is above the little jobs.


No backstabbing. No cliques. Leave ego at the door.

Redefine your limits.

Everything is impossible until it is achieved. Always look to find ways to push the limit and reach for the stars.


Together we can go so much further and faster.

What you can expect on your first visit

Our team recognise that starting something new can be super-daunting. We still remember our first session like it was yesterday, so we know better than anyone how scary it can be. Our job is to relieve any, and all uncertainty, break down the barriers, and make it as easy as it can be when it comes to making the start. The first step is always the hardest…

We’ll help you find a program that fits your goals & your lifestyle.

Talk to a coach to learn more about which program could benefit you and your goals.