Want to Try Something New or Learn New Skills?

Here at Champions Gym we understand you. 80% of the people who come to us have never done anything like this before. Whether you’ve lost motivation, struggle to train on your own or want something new, fun, and exciting with likeminded people. There is ZERO TOLERANCE FOR EGO & JUDGEMENT. Our team love helping people become their best. Not only is our training high intensity and a full body workout; but we believe in a lifestyle that celebrates:

Mindset ➕ Training ➕ Nutrition ➕ Community ➕ Recovery

Champions Gym is different to others in the industry in that it is a ‘Members Only Club’. This is unique in that we get to build rapport with our members individually (without the distraction of randoms sporadically) helping them achieve realistic, sustainable, and rewarding long term goals empowering them to achieve anything they set their minds to, not only in training, but in everyday life.

As we understand people have different goals, we offer:

✅ Introductory Programs
✅ Basic Membership
✅ Unlimited Membership
✅ Youth Membership (13-17 years)
✅ FIFO Membership

To minimise distractions to our member experience, we DO NOT offer:

❌ Casual Drop-ins
❌ 10 Class Passes

We offer different membership options tailored to suit you and your goals. In order for us to find the best program to suit you, please register your interest by using the form below and we’ll be in touch to see how we can help shortly.

IMPORTANT: Availabilities to new clients are limited, with openings every 4-6 weeks. If you’re not sure – Don’t register, leave a place for someone that is. Call 0481 169 801 and one of our friendly team will be happy yo assist. 

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